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Intelligent solutions for a better sound


Audio plugins with unique features that make mixing and mastering much easier.


We constantly keep our plugins up to date and don’t replace them with new products – that’s good for compatibilty and your wallet.


If you want to get results faster and have more fun while you’re working, you came to the right place.

HOFA Super-Bundle


No compromise in sound quality

Get all (!) HOFA plugins in the Super Bundle and save more than €780.
You also get great discounts on all future HOFA-Plugins releases!

HOFA IQ-Series Bundle


All HOFA IQ-Series Plugins in a bundle

Perfect EQing, intelligent frequency analysis, optimal compression, excellent reverb sounds, de-essing with speech recognition and an amazing mastering limiter in one bundle.

HOFA CD & DDP Bundle


All HOFA CD- & DDP Plugins in a bundle

The HOFA bundle for all premastering tasks:
Professional editing and burning of Red Book audio CDs as well as the creation, play back and distribution of DDP-images.