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The IQ-EQ provides you with unique functions and can serve as a complete high-end channelstrip.

This video reveals all these fantastic features of IQ-EQ and shows you how to use them in your mixes and masterings.


HOFA CEO Jochen Sachse explains a new method for compression, wich is not only suitable for challenging vocal tracks.

Various recordings with complexe sounds like piano, guitars or alternating keyboard sounds can be domesticated.

HOFA IQ-EQ V3.5 is a powerful equalizer with dynamics and analyzer. Although the IQ-EQ is more sophisticated than any other EQ, the handling is intuitive and direct. And this is not least because of its functional and attractive design.

Hi-End EQing from 1 Hz to 40 kHz, world-class dynamics and perfect de-essing make for outstanding results in mixing and mastering.
Features like filtered sidechain, expansion and compression per band and elaborate M/S editing allow completely new ways of sound shaping.

This plugin does not only have the potential to replace all of your EQs and compressors, it also lifts your works to a new level. After a short learning phase it will make mixing and mastering astonishingly easy …

IQ-EQ AutoComp

Features V3.7.11 (changelog):

  • Extended Frequency Range 1 Hz – 40 kHz in each of the 6 bands
  • 16 different filter types (6 shelves, 4 hicuts, 4 lowcuts, peak, flat)
  • Up to 32x oversampling
  • Channelstrip mode
  • Stereo, left, right, mid or side editing per band
  • IQ-dynamics per band (compression & expansion)
  • Look ahead & live mode
  • Sidechain (extern & intern variable, e.g. 100 Hz controls 10 kHz)
  • Hi-and low-cut with selectable 6/12/24/48 dB slope
  • Analyzer with hold-function
  • Solo-monitoring function of the IQ-EQ bands
  • Changeable plugin window size
  • Interactive tooltips & Manual onboard
  • “Set as Default”-Preset
  • Works with all common sampling frequencies
  • 64-bit internal processing
  • Support for PC and Mac, 32 and 64-bit DAWs

With the IQ-EQ you can manage:

  • top level mixes and masterings
  • innovative sound shaping with novelly linked dynamic and frequency editing
  • balanced vocals without compromises
  • powerful synths and guitars without mushy resonances
  • powerful bass without rumble
  • drastic self-corrections – but only when it is necessary
  • subtle interventions in the mastering process
  • all de-essing tasks


  • The software can be activated and used on two machines at the same time with the HOFA-Plugins Manager. It is possible to deactivate licenses and transfer them to another machine. Also, HOFA plugins can be activated and used offline. A description of the activation and deactivation process is available here.
  • The same flash drive can be used for our and other plugin developers' USB-licenses.


  • HOFA Plugins work with Windows 7/8/10, Vista and WinXP, as well as Intel-Mac from OS X 10.6.
  • Audio Unit, VST, VST3, RTAS und AAX, 32 und 64 Bit.
  • HOFA Plugins are tested constantly on the following DAWs:
    Steinberg Cubase/Nuendo/Wavelab, MOTU Digital Performer, Ableton Live, Apple Logic, Magix Samplitude/Sequoia, Avid Pro Tools, Cakewalk Sonar, Presonus Studio One, Cockos Reaper

Inform: Click here to download the IQ-EQ Manual.
QuickTip Tutorial: Sweet High End   |   QuickTip Tutorial: Finding Resonances   |   IQ-EQ Video

Download & test for 14 days: Click here to download the plugin.

Purchase: The IQ-EQ is available here: HOFA-Plugins Shop | GO BUNDLE! >>

HOFA IQ-EQ: only 129,90 €


Upgrade from IQ-EQ V2: If you purchased IQ-EQ after 1 January 2012 the upgrade is free.
All other IQ-EQ users get the update for only 39,90 € at HOFA-Plugins Shop.

For current dollar pricing visit www.hofa-shop.com.

User feedbacks:

transcending_musicIQ-EQ is SO transparent and most importantly, extremely flexible.
You guys nailed the sound and the interface as far as its intuitiveness and useability!
Well done again…

Bob Davodian
tmusicaudio.com | Mixing/Mastering
Garnerville | New York



I was almost dumbstruck … Ingenious !!! A big plus, of course, is the variable window size.
The integrated analyser is marvelous! It is very useful even for inexperienced users, because you can see exactly where you need to use it. Especially for De-Essing and sibilance control this is very helpful.
Extremely interesting to me is the editing ability of the middle and side signal – wow!
Conclusion … a high-end plug-in for an unbeatable price

Michael Watzal
Heidenrod | Germany



The HOFA IQ-EQ really deserves the name “IQ”. Its handling is absolutely intuive; by sweeping in the display you can quickly find the desired frequencies and the appropriate parameters and control them.
I got along with it as fast as with no other EQ.
The sound of the HOFA IQ-EQ is sophisticated, clear and pure.

Olaf Hemker
Tonmeister VDT
klang:art Tonstudio



I cannot say enough how excited I am about the HOFA IQ-EQ plugin.  I have been mixing and recording out of the box for decades and it has been challenging for me to make the transition to ITB mixing.  Mostly because there are a few indispensable tools that have only existed as rack mount devices.  For decades I have relied on the BSS 901 mkii Dynamic Equalizer as a sort of “secret weapon” for fixing problematic vocal recordings or harsh guitar sounds.  FINALLY!  HOFA has created a plug in that does everything the BSS did and much much more.  The extraordinarily tight Q settings, the wonderfully flexible shelf shapes and Being able to automate the controls makes IQ infinitely more useful for me.  Whether I am mixing in the computer or on my console, the HOFA IQ-EQ is my new secret weapon!!

Eric Valentine
San Francisco | USA

Press comments & tests:



There’s just so much this single plugin can do. Apart from needing reverbs (which they make and I will write a review for soon) and delays (maybe we can convince them to make an IQ-delay) you could mix and master entire projects with this single plugin and want for nothing. (…)
Since getting IQ-EQ, I’ve pretty much used it on every track that needs any frequency processing, (…) I hate overhyping anything but this is the most versatile EQ plugin I’ve used in a very long time.
Everything Recording Rating: 5 Sterne

Everything Recording
read the article


beat_magBecause of its excellent sound quality, its clear interface and its low resource requirements the IQ-EQ was satisfying in our test across-the-board.
In particular the Dynamic Gain function makes this flexible equalizer an effective troubleshooter, which even enables drastic corrections, which are only implemented when necessary.
Rating 6 out of 6 points / Editor’s Choice

Beat magazine


buenas_ideasThe HOFA IQ-EQ is one of the plugins that you do not want to lose if you had it in use once before.
The concept is ingenious …
The dynamic function saved us a lot of work and allows completely new possibilities.
The equalizer is designed for the use on individual tracks as well as mastering.

Buenas Ideas

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HOFA wishes you much success and a lot of fun with your productions.