HOFA-Plugins Manager


Plugin Installer
What is it?

HOFA-Plugins Manager is a central administration agent for each product HOFA-Plugins is offering:

  • install
  • demo period
  • product activation / deactivation
  • update and upgrade
  • uninstall
How does testing a plugin work?

A 14 days demo period can be started for every plugin.

A HOFA-product contains 2 activations.

These can be used simultaneously on different machines or operating systems.

You can buy the single plugins or plugin bundles in the HOFA-Plugins Shop.


You can activate your purchased software with the HOFA-Plugins Manager. A USB flash drive can be activated and used similar to a dongle in case your machine isn’t connected to the internet. A detailed description of the activation and deactivation process is available here.


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Download HOFA-Plugins Manager
Download Windows (Windows XP and later*)
Download OS X (Snow Leopard / 10.6 and later, Intel-Mac)
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Download HOFA-Plugins Manager Offline
Download Offline Windows (Windows XP and later*)
Download Offline OS X (Snow Leopard / 10.6 and later, Intel-Mac)
*) Internet Explorer 8 or higher must be installed to activate on Windows.

Information and Support: HOFA-Plugins | Phone +49 7251 3472-444 | E-Mail plugins@hofa.de

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We wish you a lot of fun and as well success in your productions.
Your HOFA-Plugins Team