HOFA-Plugins Manager

What does it do?
Plugin Installer

The HOFA-Plugins Manager makes downloading, installing, testing and licencing really easy.
You can use it also for quick and easy updates or uninstalling of your HOFA plugins. Furthermore the HOFA-Plugins Manager can create and restore backups of your presets.

Which plugins can you handle with this Plugins Manager?

You can handle all HOFA plugins with the Plugins Manager.

How does testing/evaluating a plugin work?

A 14 days demo period can be started for every IQ-Plugin from within the Plugins Manager.
As it is not possible for us to withdraw a licence we highly recommend to demo all products before a purchase.

How can I purchase the plugins?

You can buy the single plugins or plugin bundles in the HOFA-Plugins Shop.


You can now activate your purchased software with the HOFA-Plugins Manager. A USB flash drive can be activated and used similar to a dongle in case your machine isn’t connected to the internet.
A detailed description of the activation and deactivation process is available here.


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*) Internet Explorer 8 or higher must be installed to activate on Windows.

Information and Support: HOFA-Plugins | Phone +49 7251 3472-444 | E-Mail plugins@hofa.de

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We wish you a lot of fun and as well success in your productions.
Your HOFA-Plugins Team