IQ-Series Transient

Give Your Productions Perfect Punch!

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    Innovative processing of transients and sustains

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    Transient and Sustain EQs for frequency-selective processing

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    Magic Boost for steady transients

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    More punch for your drums

IQ-Series Transient

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„I’ve been using this plugin since it came out.
I love what it is doing to my drums!“


DJ & producer Zardonic
(Bullet For My Valentine, Fear Factory, Sonic Syndicate)

Magic Boost

Magic Boost guarantees steady transients even with difficult signals. It allows you to amplify quiet transients more than loud transients. Boost Target sets the maximum gain.

Transient and Sustain EQs

With up to 5 fully parametric bands, you can precisely select the frequency ranges to be processed. Both EQs can be used independently and offer unique sound shaping possibilities.


With the lower and upper thresholds, you set the dynamic range in which transients are to be detected. This allows you to specifically exclude background noise and crosstalk from the transient processing.

Time Chart

If you want to be absolutely accurate, you can open the time chart. It shows you exactly which parts of your audio have been detected as transients or sustain and how pronounced they are. The time chart is particularly useful for setting thresholds and boost targets directly in the chart for even more precise control over the sound.


  • HOFA plugins are compatible with Windows 7/8/10/11 as well as Intel® (64 bit) and Apple Silicon Macs from OS X 10.13 to macOS 14 (Sonoma)
  • Audio Unit, VST3 and AAX.
  • We constantly test HOFA plugins with the following DAWs:
    Ableton Live, Apple Logic, Avid Pro Tools, Bitwig, Cockos Reaper, Image Line FL Studio, Magix Samplitude/Sequoia, Presonus Studio One, Steinberg Cubase/Nuendo/Wavelab


“A well-engineered, reasonably updated plugin, featuring a practical approach with an intuitive graphical user interface.”

“The IQ-Series Transient is an extremely creative solution, a must-have for everyone.”

“The plug-in expands the creative options for sound designers, beat producers and music studios and sets a new benchmark in the field of dynamic signal design.”

Studio magazine

Keys | Musik und Computer

“[…] a powerful tool for processing transients and sustains at a professional level.”

“This plug-in is a real secret weapon, especially for punchy drum sounds.”

Awarded “BEST PRODUCT” in the test:
+ First-class sound
+ Comprehensive, yet plain and easy
+ Excellent additional features

KEYS & Recording

“Full control of transients”

“Even with stronger processing, the sound remains natural and unaffected.”

“The Magic Boost function lets you achieve a very balanced sound. This feature alone is worth its price tag.”

“The plugin will impress you with its user-friendly interface and intuitive operation.”

Test rating: Top of the range – Excellent
+ Transparent sound
+ The sound remains natural
+ Many adjustment options
+ Clear visualisation
+ Many presets
+ Magic Boost and thresholds

Delamar – magazine for musicians

“A classic effect reinvented”

“Even more mojo with the Magic Boost”

“Features of compressors and equalizers have been added to the core of transient shaping in an intelligent and unique way. Incoming audio signals can now be processed in impressive detail.”

Test rating:
Top of the range – excellent
+ Clean processing of transients & sustains
+ Advanced features for shaping transients & sustains
+ Magic Boost function
+ Dynamic EQs

Professional audio magazine

“[…] Intuitive use and convincing sound”

“The IQ-Series Transient delivers excellent results – especially on drums and percussion”

Rating: 5.5 out of 6 points

BEAT magazine