IQ-Series Reverb V2
THE Reverb.

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    More than 1500 high-quality impulse responses

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    Full 5.1 surround capability

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    With EQ, compressor, modulation, saturation, gate, IR envelope and positioner

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    4 IR engines + 2 AlgoVerbs for individual blends

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    Stereo and true stereo IRs for music and post-production

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    Room, Ambience, Chamber, Hall, Church, Plate, Space, Spring, FX, Reverse, Hybrid, Cabinet

IQ-Series Reverb V2

Contains the IQ-Series Reverb V2 with more than 1500 impulse responses. You can buy additional IR-Packs for €49.90 each.

Introductory price:

IQ-Series Reverb V2 incl. 3 IR-Packs

Contains the IR-Packs Professional Post-Pro, Magic Plates and Halls & Churches with additional 150 impulse responses in each pack.

Introductory price:

It has never been easier to achieve impressive depth and three-dimensionality in your productions!

One of the world’s largest collections of reverb sound

Find the perfect reverb for mixing, sound design and post-pro. Choose from hundreds of natural, real rooms and classic vintage equipment – or completely new and innovative reverb designs.

Smart browser

More than 1.500 different reverbs and effects – and which one fits best? Our fast and intelligent browser helps you to make the right choice quickly and shows you interesting alternatives. Among other attributes, you can filter and sort by brightness, RT60 and application range of an IR. 

Crazily creative

Don’t you sometimes want to distort, gate or modulate a reverb and do anything else you can think of? This plugin gives you impressive options for creative work. This also includes the possibility to lengthen or shorten frequency components of the impulse responses directly in the 3D view.

6 at a time

Only the IQ-Series Reverb V2 lets you mix up to six reverb sounds. You have access to several special effects and even an excellent algorithmic reverb for your very personal blends.

Left, right, front, back

The Positioner is designed to help you arrange instruments freely in space. You simply move the orange X and the Positioner immediately takes care of the tonal representation. And best of all: it works with any impulse response!

Surround for everyone

You can also create your mixes and masterings in surround with the best mono, stereo and true stereo impulse responses and algorithmic textures.


Two licenses

As with all HOFA plugins, two licenses are available to you, so that you can unlock the plugin on two computers.


  • Each pack consists of 150 superb stereo and true stereo impulse responses that you can use in the IQ-Series Reverb V2.
  • You can buy the IQ-Series Reverb V2 in a bundle with all IR-Packs.
  • If you already own the IQ-Series Reverb V2, you can buy all IR-Packs individually in the HOFA-Shop. You have to login to the store to do this.

Magic Plates

This large collection of legendary, established and innovative plate reverbs offers you extremely dense reverb structures with a highly musical tone that should not be missing in any production!

Professional Post-Pro

Within this pack you will find impulse responses from various indoor and outdoor locations for film, radio play, game sound design – and music productions too, of course.

Halls & Churches

You like it all big and mighty? Cathedrals, churches, concert halls and venues in all shapes and colours were assembled for this premium bundle.

Why buy the IQ-Series Reverb V2 now?

You get it at the best price now!
Later, the reverb plugin will be priced at €249.90 and the IR packs at €49.90 each.

Is there an upgrade from V1 to V2?

Yes, there is! If you already own the IQ-Series Reverb V1, you can buy an upgrade to the V2 for only €79.90.
For the upgrade you must be registered in the HOFA Shop.

By the way: the V2 is compatible with the first version. So your old projects can also be loaded with the new IQ-Reverb V2!

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The IQ-Series Reverb V2 Story

Is there such a thing as THE perfect reverb?

This is what we asked ourselves in the spring of 2019, when we thought intensively about the update of our reverb flagship. Some years had passed since the first release and it was time to respond comprehensively to user requests and make use of new impressive technologies.

We collected ideas and requests with a newsletter to over 100,000 audio enthusiasts, while the HOFA-College students contributed interesting ideas – and of course our studio crew also made exciting suggestions.

Challenge accepted!

This put the challenge to our programmers. They absorbed themselves with scientific meticulousness into reverberation with a focus on convolution reverb, before they made the vision come true with many thousand lines of program code.

At the same time, the audio engineers began to create impulse responses. With the kind support of our acousticians, rooms, halls, churches and even cars, forests and loudspeakers were convoluted.

And the old hardware units finally had some usage hours again. What we didn’t have in the studios was bought or borrowed.

There is probably no legendary reverb that hasn’t been represented in the control room C of the HOFA-Studios to leave a long-lasting impression.

»I was especially impressed by the mixed reverbs, which were taken directly from mixing sessions. These blends of different devices unfold a very special magic. You will find them labeled as ‘hybrids’.«

Jochen Sachse
CEO HOFA-Plugins

  IQ-Series Reverb V1 IQ-Series Reverb V2
Number of IRs 135 IRs 1500+ IRs
IR engines 1 4
AlgoVerb engines   2
5.1 surround capability  
IR and preset browser basic advanced
Sort and filter by IR brightness  
Extendible with HOFA IR-Packs  
True stereo
Interactive 3D display
Adjust IR length separately for various frequency ranges
IR envelope  
IR trim  
IR cut

IQ-Series Reverb V2

Contains the IQ-Series Reverb V2 with more than 1500 impulse repsonses. You can buy additional IR-Packs for €48.64 each.

IQ-Series Reverb V2 incl. 3 IR-Packs

Contains the IR-Packs Professional Post-Pro, Magic Plates and Halls & Churches with additional 150 high-quality impulse responses in each pack.

First Feedbacks:

The Reverb V2 is possibly the most creative control of any reverb I’ve ever dealt with.
It’s got a ton of great sounds and functions, like the ability to use real or synthetic verbs.
The positioner, saturator, comp, etc. are super easy to access and dive into.

It’s pretty darn great!

Joe Barresi – Audio engineer and producer (Slipknot, Queens of the Stone Age, Tool)

The plates are lush, the churches sound great and the intuitive IR Cut keeps everything tight.
In both of my scores and pop songs I need this mix of huge spaces and total precision.
Everything sounds clean and organic and the first three reverbs I dialled in are now in my template.

I’m impressed!

Lars Deutsch – Producer / Composer / Songwriter (Red Bull, Mercedes, CBS, FOX, etc.)

I have been using the new V2 of the HOFA IQ-Series Reverb. I’ve tried it on everything.
The collection of included IRs is vast and I can always find something that falls perfectly into place!

Eric Valentine – Producer (Smash Mouth, Queens of the Stone Age, Slash, Good Charlotte, etc.)

The IQ-Reverb V2 offers almost endless possibilities for sound processing.
What I liked right away is the super easy access of the parameters.
This way you can edit and adjust a reverb in a very short time.

What also excited me about the IQ Reverb V2 is the great variety of creating hundreds of different sounds and emotions from a single source with a single reverb unit. For example, I was able to get more than ten completely different emotions out of a simple Logic piano in 5 minutes – great! I also got top results for drums very quickly.

The IQ Reverb 2 will definitely go to the top of my toolbox – thumbs up!

Oliver Pinelli – Producer (Enrique Iglesias, Helene Fischer, Paul van Dyk, Unheilig, DJ Ötzi, Cassandra Steen, Yvonne Catterfeld, etc.)

Plugin manufacturers seem to get that ‘all-in-one’ plugins are where it’s at these days, and the IQ Reverb 2 from HOFA is the first reverb plugin I’ve come across that really has all the features you could dream of in one place. It goes without saying there is a great library of impulse responses, of both real and artificial spaces, with all the necessary parameter adjustment options you would expect from a high-end reverb plugin.

But there’s so much more. The inclusion of tweak-able saturation, modulation, gate and even compression settings is genius, and that’s only a fraction of the deeper customisation options available. On top of that, it’s so intuitive, responsive and user-friendly. And it helps that it’s beautiful to look at too! I can finally replace my multiple plugin reverb buss chains with a single plugin that does it all from one window. Nice one HOFA!

Tom MacLean – UK-based guitarist / bassist / keyboardist / producer (Psion, To-Mera, ex-Haken a.o.)

Extremely powerful when it comes to spatial depth and the scope of possibilities! Incredibly precise reproduction of rooms at the highest level, which makes positioning objects in the room seem almost effortless. For me, it is the perfect tool for productions that are designed to create especially realistic scenes or to transport you into surreal sound worlds, no matter if speech or music – fantastic!
It is hard to imagine an application that HOFA could not fulfill with this reverb in the highest quality.

Jan Stahlmann –  Broadcast mixing & mastering engineer