IQ-Series Reverb

Awesome audio quality, unprecedented reverb textures and innovative options combined with easiest handling – all this makes the IQ-Series Reverb an indispensable tool for your mixes and masterings.

English subtitled video tutorial about the cut and gate functions of the IQ-Series Reverb.

How does the modulation tool of the IQ-Series Reverb work, and how can it be used? Learn more in this video.

IQ-Series Reverb


The IQ-Series Reverb combines the most innovative convolution technology with the “retro” features of classical reverb processors from the golden age.

Reverbs with outstanding tonal quality and clever editing tools just as positioner, modulation and vintage gate make the spatial positioning of instruments and vocals in the mix as easy as never before.
A specially compiled library with elaborately convoluted hardware units, real spaces and novel, layered reverb combinations is already onboard. Of course, other impulse response can be imported and edited as well – in all resolutions and also in True Stereo.

The IQ-Series Reverb’s centerpiece is its intuitive 3D display – here, processings of the reverb are illustrated. You can change length and envelope of the impulse responses quickly and easily and even treat various frequency ranges of the reverb seperately. With just a mouse click you can also create gated or reverse reverbs.

The modulation allows you to breathe life into any impulse response. And the positioner is the perfect tool to easily place signals in a three-dimensional space.

Awesome audio quality, unprecedented reverb textures and innovative options combined with easiest handling – all this makes the IQ-Series Reverb an indispensable tool for your mixes and masterings.



Features V1.0.37 (changelog):

  • convolution reverb with innovative editing capabilities
  • easy handling, clearly arranged display
  • intuitive 3D user interface
  • reverberation time adjustable in 3 frequency ranges
  • cut- & vintage gated reverb
  • reverse reverb
  • modulation for vivid reverb textures
  • positioning of sound sources in virtual space (positioner)
  • True Stereo capable
  • extensive IR and preset library (vintage & high-end studio gear, “real” spaces, layered reverb combinations)
  • user presets can be stored
  • imports 3rd party impulse responses and libraries
  • changeable plugin window size
  • “set as default” preset
  • supports all common sample frequencies
  • PC and Mac, 32- and 64-bit DAWs


IQ-Series Reverb DisplayThe HOFA IQ-Series Reverb provides for:

  • clear display of all presets and IRs due to the sorting by reverberation time or application (vocals, drums, keys, etc.)
  • more space on the screen thanks to the resizeable GUI and “magnetic” browser
  • prompt and proper results because of high clearness and functionality
  • complex soundscapes with a wide variety of reverbs
  • impressive spatial depth due to innovative options
  • creative sounddesign with unheard reverb textures and editing tools
  • lively reverbs because of complex, non linear modulation
  • precise definition of distance with “aurally compensated” positioner (also for 3rd party IRs)




  • The software can be activated and used on two machines at the same time with the HOFA-Plugins Manager. It is possible to deactivate licenses and transfer them to another machine. Also, HOFA plugins can be activated and used offline. A description of the activation and deactivation process is available here.
  • The same flash drive can be used for our and other plugin developers' USB-licenses.


  • HOFA Plugins work with Windows 7/8/10, Vista and WinXP, as well as Intel-Mac from OS X 10.6.
  • Audio Unit, VST, VST3, RTAS and AAX, 32 and 64 Bit.
  • IQ-Series Reverb requires a graphics board that supports OpenGL version 3.1 or higher
  • HOFA Plugins are tested constantly on the following DAWs:
    Steinberg Cubase/Nuendo/Wavelab, MOTU Digital Performer, Ableton Live, Apple Logic, Magix Samplitude/Sequoia, Avid Pro Tools, Cakewalk Sonar, Presonus Studio One, Cockos Reaper


Info: Click here to download the IQ-Series Reverb Manual
IQ-Series Reverb Release-Video | QuickTip Cut & Gate | QuickTip reverb-modulation | Press comments & tests

HOFA IQ-Series Reverb: only 149,90 €


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User feedback:


Right away I can already tell this is going to be an unbelievable tool for all my future recording. I downloaded the plugin this morning and even with the limited amount of time I have had today, I am overwhelmed with the options and flexibility. The waterfall plot manipulation is fantastic! I will definitely be trying the other plugins! This really is the best plugin I’ve used to date. Thank you so much!

Josh Martin
Musician, Audio Engineer & Owner of Spurgeon Room Studios

dennis_wardSounds great! Loving the included I.R.s as well. Good work!

Dennis Ward 
Musician, audio engineer, producer (Pink Cream 69, Angra, Axxis, Unisonic, Krokus, D.C. Cooper, Primal Fear…)
Karlsdorf, D


reverb_spaceWant to say congratulation for the good work you come with! I am an addicted person toward reverb – there´s no convolution reverb or any classic reverb on the planet I didn’t try, and I have to say IQ reverb beats them all – so happy finally to have found it out :)

Ali Ramadan
Sound engineer
Toronto, CAN


reverb_spaceI just purchased IQ-Series Reverb, hoping the license arrives soon:) 

I just couldn’t pass on the fantastic sound this plugin has. And I would again like to complement you on your excellent customer service.

Christine Derksen
Muziekvereniging Kunst en Vriendschap
TT Zoetermeer, NL



IQ-Series Reverb extends beyond your normal reverb effect as HOFA approaches things from a different perspective, aiming to recreate actual environments as opposed to simply simulating the reverb of those environments.
The results are stunning and for the first time, I find myself not listening to reverb but I can hear a recording transported into a different room.
Indeed IQ-Series Reverb should not be considered as a reverb effect at all. Instead, it is a true special design program allowing one to literally design an environment for a particular source.
The interface is amazingly clear and easy to understand. A huge array of parameters can be quickly adjusted and the results heard in real time.
I’ve been waiting years for something like this.

Alex Bhinder
worked for Duran Duran, Kiss, Bad Company, Def Leppard
Plasma Music Limited
Hemel Hempstead, UK


reverb_spaceI’m a 60-year-old sound guy who started with BX20, EMT and went on with Lexicon and tested a lot. The HOFA IQ-Series Reverb is very good, among the best that I know because it sounds realistic and true – in the way a big studio with good ambiences sounds. […] That makes a “natural” room sound much easier – even in a fully digital world. Well done!

Eric Merz
Mix & Mastering Cockpit
Kerzers | Switzerland



I had called a friend a couple of weeks ago to ask his thoughts on a reverb/ room simulation that I was thinking about buying. He told me that I should try your IQ-Series Reverb. He said that he had not heard anything else that sounded better and he said that the versatility of the plug-in was not matched by any other reverb plug-in on the market. I had never heard of your company, but with an endorsement like that I had to try it.

I downloaded the demo and put it on a reverb Aux in a project that I am working on. At the time I was using the EMT 140 plate model of another company. The IQ-Series Reverb defaulted to a “Large Famous Bright Plate”. I started the track and immediately heard the difference between the two plates. The IQ-Series Reverb was “rich” and “smooth”.

Brando Marius
Audio Engineer
Nashville Tennessee

 Press comments & Tests:

soundonsound.. I quickly forgot I was using a convolution reverb and began to muck about with IQ-Series Reverb’s presets just as I would those of an algorithmic reverb.

Sound on Sound
read the review



beat_magThe IQ-Series Reverb does indeed combine the best of both worlds: the natural room sound of convolution reverbs and the extensive possibilities of control of an algorithmic reverb. At an affordable price you get a remarkably flexible room simulation that meets the highes demands concerning sound quality and useability.

We also have to point out the high class library of impulse responses.
Rating 6 out of 6 points / Editor’s Choice

Beat magazine


prof_audio_magThe HOFA IQ-Series Reverb is a very good convolution reverb, that combines the flexibilty of an algorithmic reverb with the sound of a convolution reverb. As with all HOFA IQ-Series Plugins there is an extensive preset library, created by the expert HOFA audio engineers. These presets are really great and provide for a wide variety of styles exactly what is promised: spatial positioning in the mix that sounds really good and professional. Given the the very affordable price, this plugin is strongly to be recommended.
overall mark: „top of the range – very good“ | value for money: „very good – outstanding“ 

Professional audio


buenas_ideasIQ-Series Reverb – miraculously spacious
The HOFA IQ-Series Reverb does not only have a very intuitive GUI but also a top pro sound. The on-board impulse responses are extensive and well done (…) Editing the IR in the 3D window is just brilliant. The quality of the reverb is very good. Anyone, who wants to convince oneself can test the IQ-Series Reverb for 2 weeks at no costs until it needs to be activated. The price of 149,90 € is very fair and if you hurry you get the plugin at the introductory price of 129,90 €.
Well earned Buenasideas tip!

Buenas Ideas


soundcheck_magMore space for creativity
The possibilities are breath-taking (…) The plugins easy handling is very convinving (…) Soundwise the plugin plays in the Champions League (…) The positoner is really impressive – the IQ-Series Reverb leaves no wish unfulfilled.
+ Outstanding sound quality + easy handling + 3D display

Soundcheck – the band magazine


rec_magThere’s no easier way to place a signal in a room than with the positioner.
(…) a very good idea that shows once more the practical approach of HOFA plugins. This is also true for the IQ-Series Reverb: this plugin with its innovative operating concept and the various features is a must-have for every studio!

Recording Magazin


You can find the complete reviews in German language here

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HOFA wishes you much success and a lot of fun with your productions.

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