IQ-Series Comp V2

Everyone who is looking for new tone colours and the best compression for vocals, drums, bass and mastering won’t get around this plugin.

ColourEQ & intelligent dynamics:
HOFA IQ-Series Comp – Colour Your Compression

The only way to the heart is not through the stomach – it’s through eyes and ears! Treat yourself this one-minute plugin show and fall in love with real new tone colours …


This is the world’s only compressor that is able to link the gain reduction with the integrated equalizer if needed.

This feature allows you to boost e.g. the bass frequencies of a singer at the loudest parts and enables completely new EQ variants depending on the compressors gain reduction e.g. while compressing drums.

And we equipped or compressor with the required intelligence to achieve perfect results for all sorts of audio material.

No matter if vocals, drums or other instruments: the HOFA IQ-Series Comp permanently adjusts all the relevant settings to fit the musical needs. Based on your initial setting, it delivers the sonically best compression.

This detailed video tutorial shows the features of IQ-Series Comp V2 and gives some valuable tips and tricks.
(In this version, the ColourEQ is still called FlavorEQ)

Features V2.5.7 (changelog):

  • innovative link-up of gain reduction with the ColourEQs
  • allows precise equalisation according to the compressor’s gain reduction
  • arbitrary shelving and peak filters can be used on the ColourEQs
  • Colour presets for quick results in the most common applications
  • EQ look-ahead function for maximum transient punch
  • compressor with supremely intelligent/adaptive attack-, release- und ratio-settings
  • adaptive AUTO-mode
  • two compression modes, CALM & ROUGH
  • simple handling, concise representation
  • optimized for maximum compression with minimal artefacts (in your face & classic 80’s British console buss compressor sound)
  • mono, stereo, dual mono, MS (Lat Vert) operation modes, sidechaining and parallel-compression
  • look-ahead for compression to catch transient
  • sidechain filter for controlled compression without pumping
  • innovative level & frequency reduction display for ideal optical control
  • changeable plugin window size
  • “set as default” preset
  • supports all common sample frequencies
  • PC and Mac, 32- and 64-bit DAWs


The HOFA IQ-Series Comp provides for: 

  • assertive vocal- and instrument tracks without technical artefacts
  • simple realisation of “warm”, “colourful” or simply novel and experimental compression sounds
  •  stable and transient rich drum sounds even when played very dynamically
  • “triggered EQ” when mixing real drums:
    e.g. while processing the snare track, the hihat remains gentle even if a lot of high frequencies are added
  • subtle to heavy dynamic processing, if necessary linked with precise to radical EQing
  • many innovative and accurate intervention options during mastering by use of the ColourEQs in conjunction with MS processing, parallel compression, look ahead …
  • look-ahead compression combined with oversampled clipping for high loudness when mastering rock and pop
  • controlled compression without pumping due to two sidechain filters



  • The software can be activated and used on two machines at the same time with the HOFA-Plugins Manager. It is possible to deactivate licenses and transfer them to another machine. Also, HOFA plugins can be activated and used offline. A description of the activation and deactivation process is available here.
  • The same flash drive can be used for our and other plugin developers' USB-licenses.


  • HOFA Plugins work with Windows 7/8/10, Vista and WinXP, as well as Intel-Mac from OS X 10.6.
  • Audio Unit, VST, VST3, RTAS and AAX, 32 and 64 Bit.
  • HOFA Plugins are tested constantly on the following DAWs:
    Steinberg Cubase/Nuendo/Wavelab, MOTU Digital Performer, Ableton Live, Apple Logic, Magix Samplitude/Sequoia, Avid Pro Tools, Cakewalk Sonar, Presonus Studio One, Cockos Reaper, FL Studio

Info: Click here to download the IQ-Series Comp Manual

HOFA IQ-Series Comp: only 129,90 €


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User feedback & press reviews:

Thanks to the adaptability of attack, release and ratio, the signal´s dynamics can be reduced without having any pumping effects or affecting the sound at all.
...good results, easy to use, versatile and flexible.


Professional Audio

Though extremely easy to use, the IQ-Series Comp is able to handle the most complex audio material, even when other plugins already had to throw in the towel.

Professional Audio Editors Choice 2012

Professional Audio

Using the IQ-Series Comp is really easy. It is an unobtrusively working compressor that - with its possibility of simulaneously tweaking the sound -  has the making of a secret weapon.
.. should be standard in many studios.

value for money: „very good - outstanding“ | overall mark: „top of the range - very good“

Professional Audio

With the IQ-Series Comp HOFA achieved a great success again.
At an attractive price, you get a very powerful compressor whose strengths come to play at a variety of applications.
Even drastic processing still sounds "musical".  Its remarkable flexibility makes this intuitive mixing and mastering tool an interesting alternative to multiband compressors.

Evaluation: 6 of 6 points / Editor´s recommendation


Versatile and musically deployable: IQ-Series Comp has been strongly improved for V2. Due to the Flavor EQs it is easy to use, even for beginners. 
+++ versatile functionality +++ transparent sound ++ easy handling

Sound & Recording

Keys | Musik und Computer

There are numerous useful functions which the competitors cannot provide. In addition you find a well-packed library with presets for the most applications. The IQ-Series Comp handles all challenges with an outstanding sound.
+ good over-all sound + flexible applications for all fields of audio production + M/S compression


It quickly becomes clear which opportunities this compressor offers. E.g. it can transform a quite powerless drum track into a punchy performance ... The possibilities seem limitless, without leading to a complicated handling.
+  clearly arranged interface + outstanding sound + easy handling


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