The HOFA SYSTEM Saturator suite brings saturation & distortion from subtle to super heavy, from tape to tube into your DAW.

  • Tape, tube, triode and transistor emulations
  • From subtle saturation to fuzz distortion
  • Usable as a single plugin or in HOFA SYSTEM
  • With Böse button!
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Only 50,00 

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Download & Test
Only 50,00 

SYSTEM All Bundle: AlgoVerb + EQ-Dynamic + MixBox + PhaserChorusFlanger + Saturator + IR-Verb + MasterLimiter + TransientShaper only €189.90

User feedback & press reviews:

SYSTEM Saturator

Saturator sure sounds fabulous on both Electric Guitar (Strat) & Bass (Picked/Fingered)! Very phat sounding indeed.

Whyman Baker

SYSTEM Saturator

[…] the new distortion plugin sounds better than my guitar amp emulation plugins.

John Small, USA