The PhaserChorusFlanger suite expands HOFA SYSTEM by 5 brand-new modules for modulation effects

  • The best phaser, chorus and flanger sounds from 6 centuries for your DAW
  • New and intuitive controls for an optimal workflow

Modules in a survey


This module gives you warm and thick chorus sounds at your fingertips. 3 different algorithms can be combined at will – the fastest way to your dream chorus sound.



… covers the whole range of auto flanger. From subtle modulation to classic jet-flanging – let’s get funky!



Back then this effect was created laboriously with 2 tape machines – one of them was slowed down by hand and then picked up speed again. Now this effect is available as a plugin at last – with a highly convincing operating concept.


Phaser TOS, Phaser TNG, PhaserDS9, Phaser 7o9 & PhaserOdo

Since the 1950’s this effect creates characteristic sounds with frequency cancellation caused by phase shift. You can choose from five different phaser algorithms that bring their own character!



… is the ultimate chorus/flanger with 8 voices and leaves no wish unfulfilled. 10 parameters per voice enable full control and the innovative LFO view gives you a quick survey. The provided presets include highly musical chorus and flanger sounds that you’ve never heard before.

HOFA SYSTEM PhaserChorusFlanger – only 44,90 € introductory period


SPECIAL: HOFA SYSTEM PhaserChorusFlanger for free in the SYSTEM 2 Bundle and Super-Bundle!