The PhaserChorusFlanger suite brings 5 high-end plugins for modulation effects into your DAW.

  • The best phaser, chorus and flanger sounds of 6 decades
  • New and intuitive controls for an optimal workflow
  • Usable as single plugins or in HOFA SYSTEM



This plugin gives you warm and dense chorus sounds at the touch of a button: 3 different algorithms can be combined in any way – the fastest way to your dream chorus sound.



… covers the whole range of auto flangers. From subtle modulation to classic jet-flanging – let’s get funky!



This complex effect was produced by two tape machines. One was slowed down by hand and then sped up again. This effect is now available as a plugin – and it’s very easy to use!


Phaser TOS, Phaser TNG, PhaserDS9, Phaser 7o9 & PhaserOdo

Since the 1950’s, this FX has added characteristic frequency cancellations due to phase shifts. There are 5 phaser algorithms to choose from, that each have their own unique character!



… is the ultimate chorus/flanger with 8 voices that really leaves nothing to be desired! Ten parameters per voice and the groundbreaking LFO View give you full control over the sound. The included presets cover highly musical chorus and flanger sounds that you’ve never heard before.

HOFA SYSTEM PhaserChorusFlanger – only 50,00 €


SYSTEM All Bundle: AlgoVerb + EQ-Dynamic + MixBox + PhaserChorusFlanger + Saturator only 169,90 € instead of 250,00 €