High quality tools for mixing & mastering

  • 21 high end plugins including HOFA SYSTEM basic
  • Highly flexible channelstrip incl. dynamics, EQ, FX and lots more
  • Multiband, mid/side, parallel and dual mono routings
  • Usable as single plugins or in HOFA SYSTEM


These plugins are contained in HOFA SYSTEM MixBox:



The CompChan parallels the characteristic channel compressor of the most successful analog mixing boards. You will love its punch on drums and the way it makes bass and instruments both vivid and controlled.



For everything else there is CompSum – a specialist for sum and bus compression that with its adaptive controls also excels in the handling of vocals and solo instruments.


The CompListenMic is an emulation of the talkback compressor of a famous british mixing console.
In the 80ies, this kind of compression was used to define the room sound of drum recordings.



There are 11 identically equipped filter bands from 13 to 20000 Hz plus analyzer in the EQ-Parametric.

For each band you can choose from:
  • Hi- & LoCut (6, 12, 24, 48 dB/Oct)
  • Bandpass with adjustable Q factor
  • Bell filter (Q 0.1 – 36)
  • Hi- & LoShelv
  • vintage Hi- & LoShelv
  • GainMode

You need another band?
Just click on the plus sign – this EQ is exactly as big as you need it.

Clicking on the small frequency window opens the large visual editor with analyzer for all those who favour precise optical feedback.

In combination with up to 32x oversampling (which is provided for all SYSTEM plugins), these features make for a highly flexible, well-arranged and musical EQ for all applications.


Delay is a simple unit with delay times of up to 4095 ms. Sync allows synchronization to the host-tempo in selectable note values – also triplets and dotted notes. Use Delay in the #Feedback plugin for more complex delay applications.


This is a plugin for the generation of harmonics and overtones. In combination with the #Multiband plugin and the EQ-Parametric there are many fields of application.



Use this plugin to raise or to drop the pitch at up to 100 Cent.



Use this plugin to raise or to drop the pitch in 12 halftone steps.



Upward expander with adjustable ratio to boost louder signals; soft signals are not affected.



Standard gate with hold function for the use on e.g. drums.



A leveler from -60 to +20 dB with phase reverse and DualGain function for separate editing of left and right channel.



Panning plugin with adjustable stereo width and DualPanning mode.



Bargraph with peak hold and switchable intersample peak metering.



Noise generator for measurement and effect applications.



You can use this plugin e.g. for the simultaneous adjusting of a dry/wet control of various plugins.



Parts of the signal are routed back to the input via the feedback path which can be used for fascinating applications. There are many interesting proposals in the chain presets.



Use this plugins to insert different plugins for the processing of left and right channel.



Use this plugin to insert different plugins for the processing of mid and side channel. Just drag and drop the plugins you like into the mid and/or side channel.



For multiband applications you can insert compressors, distortions etc. below each other. There are as many frequency bands as you like. You can freely set the crossover frequencies and the Q factor (6, 12 or 24 dB/Oct)



This routing plugin allows unlimited parallel processing of signals.

Parameter modulations


In the modulation window you can use oscillators (sine, square, saw, triangle and random) to modulate controls. This makes for many more creative possibilities …


The Notepad plugin allows to add notes to your presets or routings.


  • Get two activations per purchase
  • Activate on your computer or USB stick
  • Offline usage possible



HOFA SYSTEM MixBox – only 50,00 €


HOFA SYSTEM All Bundle: PhaserChorusFlanger + AlgoVerb + MixBox + Saturator Special price only 94,90 € instead of 189,90 €

Tests & user feedbacks

Insider tip: HOFA SYSTEM is an on-the-level FX construction kit for both mixing engineers and musicians.
(Read the review in German here)
Beat 04/2017
ct With SYSTEM 1, HOFA lays the foundations for a powerful effect system (…) A true source of inspiration for sound artists at a bargain price.
(Read the review in German here)
c't Magazin 05/2017
Professional AudioSYSTEM turns out to be a really powerful tool for signal editing of all kinds. Concerning audio processing, there is anything you might need – in premium quality and with additional flexible routing options.
(Read the review in German here)
Professional audio 09/2017
My personal favourite so far is the EQ which sounds incredibly effective. The compressors have a very nice attack and you can use feedback and cross-over filter to roughen a sound.
AlgoVerb sounds wonderfully dense and blends perfectly with the signal.
Matthias Wurm
Great work on HOFA SYSTEM, it sounds amazing, and I love the first group of effects you have bundled.
J. Riley Hill
Mortfell recording
Thank you for the new SYSTEM!
Just awesome, as I found out in no time.
Franz Schmidt
… no need for drugs if you got HOFA SYSTEM :D
Yehudi Matthew
Earlier today, I purchased HOFA SYSTEM and wish to congratulate you on producing such an incredibly well designed product. I’m literally gobsmacked as to how well this suite of plugin performs on my computer both sonically and cpu-wise. I know HOFA SYSTEM will from now on get used on every mix & mastering session I’m involved in. [...]. Keep up the excellent work!
Whyman Baker
London, GB

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