Adaptive control times for perfect sound shaping

  • Up to 11 dynamic EQ bands
  • Ultra-musical behavior thanks to intelligent algorithms
  • 9 different filter types, 6 of them dynamic
  • Precise Real-Time Analyzer
  • Usable as a single plugin or in HOFA SYSTEM
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The SYSTEM EQ-Dynamic offers you up to 11 dynamic filter bands and a precise analyser.

9 Different Filter Types

EQ-Dynamic offers you 9 different filter types. In addition to conventional filters you’ll also get resonant shelves for vintage EQing and a flat band. This can be used for compression, limiting and gain adjustments.

  • Dynamic bell filter
  • Dynamic low shelf & resonant low shelf
  • Dynamic high shelf & resonant high shelf
  • Dynamic flat mode
  • High-pass
  • Low-pass
  • Band-pass

Adjustable Dynamic Function

With the threshold control you can adjust the dynamic function for each frequency band. Adaptive attack and release times automatically ensure optimal sound.

Compressor and Limiter

There are two types of dynamic gain reduction available. Comp has a classic compressor characteristic while Lim has a higher ratio that can be used for harder limiting in the selected frequency band.

Large EQ Curve Display with Analyser

The SYSTEM EQ-Dynamic offers a high-resolution real time analyser in addition to the classic frequency band view. You can make all EQ and dynamics adjustments in this window as well.


Download & Test
Only 50,00 

SYSTEM All Bundle: AlgoVerb + EQ-Dynamic + MixBox + PhaserChorusFlanger + Saturator + IR-Verb + MasterLimiter + TransientShaper – only €189.90

User feedback & press reviews:

Professional Audio

The EQ-Dynamic is a great plugin across the board. The controls are intuitive and the signal processing is very easy to understand thanks to the logically structured GUI. The dynamic filter bands prove to be an effective tool for sound shaping, especially for acoustic instruments and vocals.
Professional Audio 02/2019

… I’m currently testing SYSTEM and the dynamic EQ, which sounds absolutely fantastic. I can definitely hear a difference to many other digital EQs. Great job!
Producer and Label Head