The Reverb for a Better Depth

  • 9 unique reverb algorithms
  • 3 groundbreaking DecayTime filters
  • Usable as a single plugin or in HOFA SYSTEM
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Reverb is certainly the most important effect in the studio.

HOFA SYSTEM AlgoVerb is a postmodern premium reverb plugin that brings the sound of classic hardware reverb units into your DAW! Your mixes and masters will greatly benefit from AlgoVerb’s distinctive three-dimensionality and the resulting depth.

We’ve meticulously analysed the best reverb devices of the last 50 years for AlgoVerb. First of all, we wanted to preserve the classic reverb structures, because they defined our ideas of spatial depth and musical emotion. In addition, we wanted to evolve the processing possibilities, so we implemented modern technology and new ideas to make the use of reverb much easier and more effective.


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    Various algorithms have a special chorus that makes the reverb sound as dense as you want it.


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    Vintage Mode

    Go late ’70s with the vintage mode: legendary downsampling and some “dirt”.


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    More than just a gate:
    the AlgoVerb gate is triggered by the dry input signalThis feature is also integrated into the IQ-Series Reverb and can be used for precise and powerful gated reverb sounds.

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    Decay Multipliers

    A novelty in algorithmic reverbs: the three decay multipliers can be used to change the length of low, mid and high frequencies of the reverb spectrum – combined with the high and low cut filters, you have complete control over the reverb colour.


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    Early Reflections

    The intensity of the early reflections can be controlled in AlgoVerb – it goes up to 200%! Combined with the diffusion control you can achieve a very interesting depth.


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    There are 8 impressive algorithms to choose from:
    Ambience, Plate, PlateHall, Chamber, ConcertHall, Cathedral, Deep, Huge, Cheap


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    Plenty of presets are included so you can get started right away. All presets are organised in the following categories: Ambience, Cathedral, Chamber, Concert Hall, Drums, FX, Gated, Plate and Vox.


Highlights AlgoVerb

  • Realistic early reflections and dense, smooth reverb tails
  • Impressive algorithms from Ambience to Huge
  • Scalable GUI for a optimum readability at all times
  • “What you see is what you get” user interface
  • All controls are optimized for effective and musical use
  • True stereo signal processing
  • Up to 32x oversampling

Sound Examples

Each sound is played 5 times, beginning with the wet sound (dry signal plus AlgoVerb). Then the dry sound is played, followed by the reverberated sound again etc.

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  • Get two activations per purchase
  • Activate licenses on your computer or USB stick
  • Offline use possible




Download & Test
Only 50,00 

SYSTEM All Bundle: AlgoVerb + EQ-Dynamic + MixBox + PhaserChorusFlanger + Saturator + IR-Verb + MasterLimiter + TransientShaper only €189.90

Tests & user feedbacks

Professional AudioHOFA SYSTEM is a reliable companion for experienced recording and mastering engineers ... I have rarely worked with software that is so intuitive to use.
Professional audio magazine
Insider tip: HOFA SYSTEM is an on-the-level FX construction kit for both mixing engineers and musicians.
Beat magazine
ct With SYSTEM, HOFA lays the foundations for a powerful effect system (…) A true source of inspiration for sound artists at a bargain price.
c't magazine
My personal favourite so far is the EQ which sounds incredibly effective. The compressors have a very nice attack and you can use feedback and cross-over filter to roughen a sound.
AlgoVerb sounds wonderfully dense and blends perfectly with the signal.
Matthias Wurm
Great work on HOFA SYSTEM, it sounds amazing, and I love the first group of effects you have bundled.
J. Riley Hill
Mortfell recording
Thank you for the new SYSTEM!
Just awesome, as I found out in no time.
Franz Schmidt
… no need for drugs if you got HOFA SYSTEM :D
Yehudi Matthew

Earlier today, I purchased HOFA SYSTEM and wish to congratulate you on producing such an incredibly well designed product. I’m literally gobsmacked as to how well this suite of plugins performs on my computer both sonically and cpu-wise.

I know HOFA SYSTEM will from now on get used on every mix & mastering session I’m involved in. [...].

Keep up the excellent work!

Whyman Baker
London, GB