HOFA CD-Burn.DDP.Master

The all-in-one app for (pre-)mastering!

  • Easy mastering for CD, DDP, vinyl and online distribution in one project
  • Creation of red book audio CDs and DDP images
  • All plugins by HOFA can be used in CD-Burn.DDP.Master (App) for free

(Pre-)Mastering made easy

HOFA CD-Burn.DDP.Master (App) is the ultimate tool for all mastering and pre-mastering tasks.

After the import of your audio files you can cut them, set fades and crossfades. Use the integrated HOFA plugins for sound editing on the highest level (not available in the LE version). Then you can write info like track title, musician or album in the tag editor. Also the professionally used tags ISRC and EAN are supported.
When you’re happy with everything, you can export your project in various formats. Of course you can burn a CD, but there are also DDP export, vinyl export, WAV, AIF, MP3 export and many more!

Clip editing


Cut and trim your audio clips as you need.


There are 6 different fade curves for perfect fade-ins and fade-outs.


Simply move one clip on top of another in order to create a crossfade. All 6 fade curves can also be used for crossfades!

Plugins by HOFA included

All plugins by HOFA (total value of more than 1190 €!) can be used inside HOFA CD-Burn-DDP.Master (App) with no additional costs. Without changing the programm you can edit the sound of your mastering directly. Of course, all plugin parameters are automatable.

Please note: This feature is not available in CD-Burn.DDP.Master-Plugin and in the LE version (limited edition).

Burn CDs

The CD is still an important medium for the publication of music. With CD-Burn.DDP.Master you can not only create and burn red book compatible CDs but also add important additional information like CD-Text, ISRC and EAN codes to the CD.

Create DDPs

A DDP image is a perfect copy of a CD with audio tracks, gaps, CD-text etc. A checksum guarantees the exact data transfer. Most CD these days are sent to the pressing plant as a DDP image. Using CD-Burn.DDP.Master you can create a DDP image with one mouse click that meets all professional standards!


Back on the table: the good old record!
We built some features into CD-Burn.DDP.Master that makes the preparation of music for a vinyl duplication extremely easy. With special markers you can define which tracks are on which side of the record. The setup maximum length of the vinyl disc is checked automatically.

Online distribution

Distribution via Internet – iTunes,Spotify, Amazon, etc. – is of ever-growing importance. You can export high-resolution audio files (wav, aif, mp3…) with meta data and even prepare an itmsp-package for iTunes directly from CD-Burn.DDP.Master!


Multi-CD projects

Whether live recording, audio book or other long projects: often, one CD is not enough. With CD markers you can manage any number of CDs in one project and burn as a batch process or export as DDP images.

Multi-session CDs

Beside the audio tracks, the multi-session feature allows to store data on a CD that can be read by a computer. This way you can place pictures, videos, lyrics etc. on your CD.

CD import

With the new CD import function you can easily convert an audio CD into a DDP image and thus edit in CD-Burn.DDP.Master. Track markers, CD-text and all other meta data are also transferred (as long as the drive supports this.)

Plugin version

CD-Burn.DDP.Master is not only available as an app but also as a plugin. So you can do your audio editing as usual in your DAW and add track markers, CD-text and more meta data in CD-Burn.DDP.Master-Plugin. Please note that the other HOFA plugins are not included with CD-Burn.DDP.Master-Plugin. All export features of the app are of course also available in the plugin.

All changes compared to CD-Burn & DDP V1

  • Import and export of arbitrary sample and bit rates
  • Multi-CD projects (e.g. for long audio books)
  • All HOFA plugins are accessible for free and can be automated. (App only, not available in the plugin and the LE version!)
  • Extended export functionality e.g. for vinyl releases and online distribution
  • Import of audio CDs as DDP images
  • Compilation of multi-session CDs
  • Direct connection to HOFA DDP Player Maker
  • Export of tracklists as PDF
  • Extended editing functionality
  • Playback of track transitions
  • Improved normalize functionality
  • Improved pause detection
  • Counter for burning multiple CDs
  • Revised GUI


  • Get two activations per purchase
  • Activate on your computer or USB stick
  • Offline usage possible

Compatibility App


Compatibility Plugin


HOFA CD-Burn.DDP.Master – only 79,90 €

HOFA CD-Burn.DDP.Master App + Plugin – only 114,90 €


You bought the previous version CD-Burn & DDP after March 1, 2017?
Then you are in the grace period and get the upgrade for free!

All the other CD-Burn & DDP users can upgrade for only 39,90 €.

Please note: These offers are not valid for purchases from the Mac App Store!

All new functions

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