4U+ DynamicTiltEQ

HOFA 4U+ DynamicTiltEQ is the best freeware Tilt EQ. It can do everything the legendary analogue models could:
Use just one knob for the perfect balancing of low and high frequencies on the highest audio level.

This alone is a fantastic feature, but (of course) was not enough to suit our idea. We brainstormed about the setup of the best Tilt EQ of all times and came up with a list that leaves no wish unfulfilled. The freeware includes: 

  • gain/cut up to 24 dB
  • variable tilt width for transparent adjustments as well as musical sound shaping
  • splittable bass and treble tilt
  • low and highcut filter (6 & 12 dB/octave)
  • individual routing for stereo, mid, side left and right processing
  • up to 32x oversampling
  • support for Mac and PC, 32- and 64-bit DAWs

It’s extremely rewarding to activate the dynamics for the low and high range and the integrated analyzer for very little money. In combination with parallel processing and a dry/wet control this makes for fascinating creative possibilities.

Despite all these extras, 4U+ DynamicTiltEQ is a simple, self-explaining sound shaper – so just install it, start to work and enjoy the good sound!

HOFA 4U+ DynamicTiltEQ – The worldwide first dynamic Tilt EQ.

HOFA 4U+ DynamicTiltEQ provides for:

  • sound shaping on the highest level
  • balanced sounds
  • less waste of time by its intuitive workflow
  • analogue feel of handling and sound
  • new creative means of expression


  • The software can be activated and used on two machines at the same time with the HOFA-Plugins Manager. It is possible to deactivate licenses and transfer them to another machine. Also, HOFA plugins can be activated and used offline. A description of the activation and deactivation process is available here.
  • The same flash drive can be used for our and other plugin developers' USB-licenses.


  • HOFA Plugins work with Windows 7/8/10, Vista and WinXP, as well as Intel-Mac from OS X 10.6.
  • Audio Unit, VST, VST3, RTAS and AAX, 32 and 64 Bit.
  • HOFA Plugins are tested constantly on the following DAWs:
    Steinberg Cubase/Nuendo/Wavelab, MOTU Digital Performer, Ableton Live, Apple Logic, Magix Samplitude/Sequoia, Avid Pro Tools, Cakewalk Sonar, Presonus Studio One, Cockos Reaper, FL Studio

Info: Click here to download the manual.

Download: Click here to download the installer.

The 4U+ DynamicTiltEQ is freeware.

Dynamics upgrade for HOFA 4U+ DynamicTiltEQ: only 39,90 €


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User feedback & reviews:

profilCongrats on the Tilt EQ. The combo of tilt, dynamics and mix is wonderful and an instant buy.

Simon Lear
bsound Ltd |audio production, sound design & engineering
Thames | New Zealand


profilDynamicTiltEQ from HOFA-Plugins shapes sound like no plugin out there— it has transformed the way I think of EQ.

Tony Vincent
Tony Vincent Productions
New York



… convincing functionality together with superb sound characteristics.


… a subtle but striking facelift for your sound. It carries on, where shelf- or peak filters alone  won’t get ahead.

Professional Audio

You can find the complete reviews in German language here