Tom MacLean Reverb V2

Plugin manufacturers seem to get that ‘all-in-one’ plugins are where it’s at these days, and the IQ Reverb 2 from HOFA is the first reverb plugin I’ve come across that really has all the features you could dream of in one place. It goes without saying there is a great library of impulse responses, of both real and artificial spaces, with all the necessary parameter adjustment options you would expect from a high-end reverb plugin.

But there’s so much more. The inclusion of tweak-able saturation, modulation, gate and even compression settings is genius, and that’s only a fraction of the deeper customisation options available. On top of that, it’s so intuitive, responsive and user-friendly. And it helps that it’s beautiful to look at too! I can finally replace my multiple plugin reverb buss chains with a single plugin that does it all from one window. Nice one HOFA!

Tom MacLean – UK-based guitarist / bassist / keyboardist / producer (Psion, To-Mera, ex-Haken a.o.)

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