Reverb Brando Marius

I had called a friend a couple of weeks ago to ask his thoughts on a reverb/ room simulation that I was thinking about buying. He told me that I should try your IQ-Series Reverb. He said that he had not heard anything else that sounded better and he said that the versatility of the plug-in was not matched by any other reverb plug-in on the market. I had never heard of your company, but with an endorsement like that I had to try it.

I downloaded the demo and put it on a reverb Aux in a project that I am working on. At the time I was using the EMT 140 plate model of another company. The IQ-Series Reverb defaulted to a “Large Famous Bright Plate”. I started the track and immediately heard the difference between the two plates. The IQ-Series Reverb was “rich” and “smooth”.

Brando Marius
Audio Engineer
Nashville Tennessee

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