Reverb Alex Bhinder Plasma Music Limited

IQ-Series Reverb extends beyond your normal reverb effect as HOFA approaches things from a different perspective, aiming to recreate actual environments as opposed to simply simulating the reverb of those environments.
The results are stunning and for the first time, I find myself not listening to reverb but I can hear a recording transported into a different room.
Indeed IQ-Series Reverb should not be considered as a reverb effect at all. Instead, it is a true special design program allowing one to literally design an environment for a particular source.
The interface is amazingly clear and easy to understand. A huge array of parameters can be quickly adjusted and the results heard in real time.
I’ve been waiting years for something like this.

Alex Bhinder
worked for Duran Duran, Kiss, Bad Company, Def Leppard
Plasma Music Limited
Hemel Hempstead, UK

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