Limiter Christopher Tuck

Last week I was wrapping up an album project that I have been producing, recording and mixing for a client over quite a long period. I had been tasked with the mastering process as well. I had taken such care with the whole process, that when It came to the mastering process I was pretty dissatisfied with the result that I achieved bringing up the level of the final mixes with one of the industry standard maximisers. Ironically at the same time I received an email from HOFA about the IQ-Series Limiter so decided to try out the demo. I can happily say that the IQ-Series Limiter retained the integrity of the sound that I had achieved throughout the album production, and that it ended up being the final limiter on all tracks of the album.
Thank You HOFA.

Christopher Tuck | DarkPopChris | Cape Town, South Africa
Producer / Mixer / Composer

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