EQ Eric Valentine

I cannot say enough how excited I am about the HOFA IQ-Series EQ plugin.  I have been mixing and recording out of the box for decades and it has been challenging for me to make the transition to ITB mixing.  Mostly because there are a few indispensable tools that have only existed as rack mount devices.  For decades I have relied on the BSS 901 mkii Dynamic Equalizer as a sort of “secret weapon” for fixing problematic vocal recordings or harsh guitar sounds.  FINALLY!  HOFA has created a plug in that does everything the BSS did and much much more.  The extraordinarily tight Q settings, the wonderfully flexible shelf shapes and Being able to automate the controls makes IQ infinitely more useful for me.  Whether I am mixing in the computer or on my console, the HOFA IQ-Series EQ is my new secret weapon!!

Eric Valentine
San Francisco | USA

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