Why are my plugins not activated?

If you receive the error message “Product is not activated” when opening the HOFA plugins in your DAW, a prompt to start the demo version or should “Not licensed” appear to the right of the product name in the HOFA-Plugins Manager, this is usually due to incorrect license activation.

To fix that problem, you should rule out the following causes one by one:


Invalid activation

In many cases, if the licenses are not found, deactivating all licenses and then activating them again within the HOFA-Plugins Manager will help to solve the issue. For example, an update of the operating system can be the reason that the licenses are not found on the corresponding computer and thus the licenses need to be activated again.

All HOFA plugins can be activated in simple steps. All you need is the HOFA-Plugins Manager, a connection to the internet and the login credentials to your HOFA-Plugins account.

Download HOFA-Plugins Manager

The first step is to download the HOFA-Plugins Manager here. You may need to enter your email address.

On Windows, you can download and launch the HOFA-Plugins Manager straight away.

On macOS, you can install the HOFA-Plugins Manager into your Applications- or Program Files-folder.

Deactivate HOFA plugins

After you have launched the HOFA-Plugins Manager, an overview will appear containing all the products. Then click on “Licenses” in the upper right corner.

Now log in with your credentials, which you set when you registered to the HOFA-Plugins Website. If you cannot remember them, you can reset them here.

In the subsequent selection field, choose the option “Deactivate licenses”. Then select your computer and complete the deactivation. Now the licenses are unlocked again. If no licenses are displayed under “Deactivate licenses”, you only need to activate your licenses.

Activate HOFA plugins

To activate your plugins, click on “Licenses” in the upper right corner and log in again. Now click on “Activate licenses”, select your computer and the corresponding plugins and complete the activation. Now the plugins should be activated. Then restart your DAW, run a rescan of the plugins and check if the HOFA plugins are now activated. If this is not the case, continue with the next steps:


Outdated or wrong version installed

For some of the software by HOFA-Plugins new versions are being released steadily or different versions of individual programs are published. That’s why it is important to make sure that the same version is being activated for which you also purchased your licenses.

In detail, this means that if you purchased a license for e.g. version 1 of HOFA CD-Burn & DDP a few years ago, that license is only valid for the old version and not for the current version HOFA CD-Burn.DDP.Master. For this, you would have to either buy an upgrade to the latest version or install the corresponding version in the “Legacy Versions” tab in the HOFA Plugins Manager:

You can then activate the license as described above.


Activation directly from within the plugin

Besides the activation in the HOFA-Plugins Manager, there is also the option to activate the license directly in your plugin. Just open the plugin and click on “Activate”.

Afterwards, log in with your credentials and restart your DAW.