How can I install and activate HOFA plugins?

All HOFA plugins can be installed in a few simple steps. All you need is the HOFA-Plugins Manager, an internet connection and the login credentials for your HOFA-Plugins shop account.


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Downloading the Plugins Manager

In this first step, download the HOFA-Plugins Manager here. You may have to enter your email address.

On Windows, you can just download and launch the HOFA-Plugins Manager.

On macOS, you can install the HOFA-Plugins Manager into your Applications folder.


Installing your HOFA Plugins

After launching the HOFA-Plugins Manager, an overview will appear containing all the products that are available for installation.

First, select the software you wish to install by checking the corresponding box.

Then select all the plugin formats you wish to install at the bottom of the HOFA-Plugins Manager. For Windows, we recommend only checking VST3, for Mac to both check VST3 and AU, and for Pro Tools users to only check the Pro Tools box instead.

Top: Windows, bottom: Mac

Now click on “Install”.

You can now click on “Start” to begin the installation.

Once the plugins are installed, you just need to make sure that the DAW recognizes the plugins by selecting the installation path in the DAW and conducting a rescan.


Installing CD-Burn.DDP.Master (Standalone App)

When installing CD-Burn.DDP.Master (standalone app), all HOFA plugins that you can use for free within the software, are automatically selected for installation. Note that they must be installed in VST3 format to be used.

Subsequently, you can install the software by clicking on “Install” and complete the installation process.


Activating your licenses

Next, you can activate your licenses. To do so, go to “Licenses” and log in by using your login credentials that you once selected for the HOFA-Plugins shop.

In the following selection field, choose the first option, “Activate licenses”.

Finally, select your computer and complete the activation. Now you can use your HOFA plugins without any restrictions.