How can I transfer my plugins to a new computer or new operating system?

If you bought a new computer, set up a new operating system or performed an update, you need to reactivate the licenses for your HOFA plugins.

It should be noted that when you purchase a product from HOFA-Plugins, you’ll receive two licenses that can be used on different systems at the same time. In most cases, at least one old license has to be deactivated from the previous device to unlock it and use it on the new system.

This can also be done remotely from the new system. That means that the licenses do not necessarily have to be deactivated from the original device. This is helpful e.g. in case of theft or data loss.

To move the licenses to a new system, you should make sure that they have been deactivated on the old computer first, as described in this article.

Then you can easily activate the licenses on your new system using the HOFA-Plugins Manager.