Are there any limitations when purchasing HOFA plugins from the App Store?

The following HOFA-Plugins products can be purchased via the App Store:

  • HOFA IQ-Series Analyser (Standalone)
  • HOFA CD-Burn.DDP.Master LE
  • HOFA DDP Player


Installation and usage of App Store versions

Software purchased from the App Store is not installed via the HOFA-Plugins Manager, but directly via the App Store. Apps purchased from the App Store can only be used on Apple devices running macOS. There are no Windows versions available. The apps can be used on any number of macOS systems that you own (see Apple’s Terms and Conditions for the Mac App Store for your country).

Prices in the Mac App Store may differ from the prices on the HOFA-Plugins website in some countries!


Limitations of App Store versions


In the Limited Edition “HOFA CD-Burn.DDP.Master LE” available in the Mac App Store no plugins can be used.
The option “Use Project Folder” cannot be switched off in the Mac App Store version! This means that all audio data is always copied to a project folder in the “Music” directory. In the version from the HOFA-Plugins Shop, the use of this project folder is not mandatory and is switched off by default. The reason for this is the security concept that Apple imposes on all apps in the App Store, known as “Sandboxing”. Apps generally do not have free access to the computer’s file system. They can only access files that are either located in a shared system folder, such as the “Music” directory in this case, or a directory that has been selected manually by the user.

DDP Player

The App Store version does not include the function to burn the DDP image to CD or to export the tracks as audio files initially! This feature is available as an additional in-app purchase.

IQ-Series Analyser

The option to use markers set in the IQ-Series Analyzer as presets in the IQ-Series EQ is not available in the Mac App Store version.


Upgrades for App Store versions

Licenses purchased in the App Store cannot be counted towards upgrades to successor products or bundles in the HOFA-Plugins Shop.