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Beat about the HOFA IQ-Reverb:

The IQ-Reverb does indeed combine the best of both worlds: the natural room sound of convolution reverbs and the extensive possibilities of control of an algorithmic reverb. At an affordable price you get a remarkably flexible room simulation that meets the highest demands concerning sound quality and useability.
We also have to point out the high class library of impulse responses.

Rating 6 out of 6 points / Editor’s Choice

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KEYS about the HOFA IQ-Reverb:

The IQ-Reverb has a convincingly easy useability notwithstanding its enormous possibilities. The library offers (…) everything you might need for your mix.

Professional Audio

Professional Audio about the HOFA IQ-Reverb:

The HOFA IQ-Reverb is a very good convolution reverb, that combines the flexibility of an algorithmic reverb with the sound of a convolution reverb.
As with all HOFA IQ-Plugins there is an extensive preset library, created by the expert HOFA audio engineers. These presets are really great and provide for a wide variety of styles exactly what is promised: spatial positioning in the mix that sounds really good and professional.
Given the the very affordable price, this plugin is strongly to be recommended.

overall mark: „top of the range – very good“
value for money: „very good – outstanding“


Soundcheck about the HOFA IQ-Reverb:

More space for creativity
The possibilties are breath-taking (…) The plugins easy handling is very convinving (…) Soundwise the plugin plays in the Champions League (…) The positoner is really impressive – the IQ-Reverb leaves no wish unfulfilled.

+ Outstanding sound quality + easy handling + 3D display

Recording Magazin

Recording Magazin about the HOFA IQ-Reverb:

There’s no easier way to place a signal in a room than with the positioner.

(…) a very good idea that shows once more the practical approach of HOFA plugins. This is also true for the IQ-Reverb: this plugin with its innovative operating concept and the various features is a must-have for every studio!

Buenas Ideas

Buenas Ideas über den HOFA IQ-Reverb:

IQ-Reverb – miraculously spacious
The HOFA IQ-Reverb does not only have a very intuitive GUI but also a top pro sound. The on-board impulse responses are extensive and well done (…) Editing the IR in the 3D window is just brilliant. The quality of the reverb is very good. Anyone, who wants to convince oneself can test the IQ-Reverb for 2 weeks at no costs until it needs to be activated.

The price of 149,90 € is very fair and if you hurry you get the plugin at the introductory price of 129,90 €.

Well earned Buenasideas tip!