Everything Recording

Everything Recording about HOFA-IQ-EQ:

There’s just so much this single plugin can do. Apart from needing reverbs (which they make and I will write a review for soon) and delays (maybe we can convince them to make an IQ-delay) you could mix and master entire projects with this single plugin and want for nothing. (…)
Since getting IQ-EQ, I’ve pretty much used it on every track that needs any frequency processing, (…) I hate overhyping anything but this is the most versatile EQ plugin I’ve used in a very long time.

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Plugindex comments to HOFA-IQ-EQ:

The Equalizer does its job as expected and presents itself as a clean-working tool for all equalization tasks, whether it is a single track, group or even sum signals. With the possibility of continuous dynamic adjustment in the signal processing the EQ sounds very unobtrusive and does exactly what it has to, without any discoloration or even to phase discrepancies. The first impression left me with the feeling that the EQ works crystal clear and very precisely.


Soundcheck comments to HOFA IQ-EQ:

Because the IQ-EQ “thinks” as already described in the test, it also allows one to make extreme EQ settings without having to worry about unnatural side effects.
In this way it is possible to implement sounds difficult or unachievable with conventional EQs or only with complicated routing paths.


Keys comments to HOFA IQ-Eq

The plugin is very convincing with a practical and sophisticated concept, works sound-wise perfectly and does not have to fear competition in its category as a problem solver and sound shaper
For 99.90 € 
it´s a relatively cheap download.

Beat Magazin

Beat comments to HOFA IQ-EQ:

Because of its excellent sound quality, its clear interface and its low resource requirements the IQ-EQ was satisfying in our test across-the-board.
In particular the Dynamic Gain function makes this flexible equalizer an effective troubleshooter, which even enables drastic corrections, which are only implemented when necessary.

Rating 6 out of 6 points / Editor’s Choice

Professional Audio

Professional Audio comments to HOFA IQ-EQ:

As plugin manufacturer HOFA had an excellent start with the IQ-EQ.
Their dynamic equalizer is actually quite intuitive to use and delivers musically as well as lively sounding results despite, or maybe because of, the simple adjustable dynamic features, which is actually not self-evident.


Xound comments to the HOFA IQ-EQ

… revolutionary plugin developed by HOFA

… a great sounding equalizer

… easy to use and uncompromising sound quality

Buenas Ideas

Buenas Ideas comments to the HOFA IQ-EQ:

The HOFA IQ-EQ is one of the plugins that you do not want to lose if you had it in use once before.
The concept is ingenious …
The dynamic function saved us a lot of work and allows completely new possibilities.
The equalizer is designed for the use on individual tracks as well as mastering.