Hello HOFA-Team,

The HOFA IQ-Analyser really is a tool developed by practitioners.
You notice that when you work with the plugin for the first time. And this practical reference makes the difference to all other analysers.
The additional energy curve for peak display emables decisions for a whole track with the support of an analyser.
Especially in unbalanced listening situations, this analysis is extremely helpful to get better mixes.

Fast peak/dip indication using ALT-click, drag ‘n’ drop analysis of whole songs and genre-reference curves  are features – beyond may others – I  wouldn´t want to do without. A nice tutorial video rounds out the picure.

Summary: Simply + brilliant = simply brilliant

Greetings from Reiner



I’m honestly impressed by the analyser. I´m using it constantly. The value for money is superior.

Thank you very much!

Greetings from Vienna

Klaus Kofler



Hello Hofa-Team, 

The plugin is doing exactly what I had hoped it would do. It shows me the weak points in my mix. The interface is appealing and you can start working immediately, getting familiar with it in no time.

The indication and marking of critical frequency bands for corrections is a real highlight.

I´m most impressed, howoever,  by the new approach of the plugin. Being able to measure the energy emitted over the entire duration of the song makes an enormous difference for the subsequent corrections.

I am no pro when it comes to mixing and mastering, but as a professional guitarist, I’m happy about each tool that makes my music sound better.

So I say thank you for the great plugin !

With musical greetings :-)

Joachim “Joe” Kauschke



The IQ-Analyser:

Easy to install and running smoothly immediately. That´s not true for every plugin!

The free scalability is a very good feature – one, that e.g. the IXL Spectrum Analyser is missing!

The Penguin as another competitor is exorbitantly expensive – a very big plus of the IQ-Analyser: it´s affordable!!

The functionality is very good, the adjustability (eg color) is excellent!

The energy curve is awesome! Has already saved my mix :-)
A real top class plugin!

The only thing I´d ask for, would be the possibility of scaling the level meter in the Bob Katz K-System
  ( K12, K20 …)

Even so – since I bought it, the IQ-Analyser is permantly inserted in the master channel:-)



Bernd Pfeffer



and thanks a lot for the new plugin, the IQ-Analyser.
I´ve been working for more than a week and must admit, it´s very helpful in the examination of the frequencies. I´d like to emphasize the possibility to drag´n´drop wav-files in order to get a reference-curve. My mix sounds both more powerful and tidy than before.
My only suggestion: drag´n´drop only works with wav.files.
It would be great, if it worked with other files(.aif, mp3) as well.

So then, once again congratulations for the great plugin and best wishes



Hello dear HOFA Plugins Team,

I bought IQ-Analyser recently and since then, I´m using it regularily for mixing and mastering. To make it short – I’m thrilled. Why I’m thrilled you get to know in the following lines:

I bought the HOFA IQ-Analyser unseen! Some may ask why you pay almost 100€ for an analyser when there are popular and renowned freeware analyser. Some may also ask why to buy “unseen” – without extensive tests…

There were two points, why the IQ-Analyser was appealing to me from the start.

First, there is the new “Energy Function” that shows me which frequencies have the most energy and where there are spots for a reasonable use of an EQ. In conjunction with the IQ-Eq this is the perfect team for me, because I can easily tame the frequencies identified by the IQ-Analyser with the dynamic IQ-Eq settings (and only there, where it is really necessary).

The possibility to set visual markers at problematic frequencies in the IQ-Analyser, makes work much easier for me.

As owner of a hobby studio I don´t have a perfect control room and the low end has always been the problem in my mixes. Now- with the IQ-Analyser – I have at least the visual aids to help me and make me succeed faster.

Second, the IQ-Analyser offers a convenient way to see several frequency curves of reference songs. Again I get visual support (important for me) for the low mids and the low end. When I like the “warmth” (the “belly”) of a reference track, I simply look at and compare the curve in the IQ-Analyser (mind you always use the “energy function”)


There is obviously the risk to turn off the ears and to mix only “with  – this is bad, however, despite IQ Analyser;)

But the IQ-Analyser does draw attention to freuquencies that you failed to hear so far…

I also bought “unseen”,  because I know from the IQ-Eq, that the HOFA-Team keeps its promises.

If benefits are mentioned in the ad text, you can rely on this!

Support from the HOFA team is exemplary  – both at the technical and the organizational side. That was another reason for me to pay a relatively high price for an analyser – I wish for more innovative plugins from the HOFA team and I hope that the quality remains at a high level.

Keep it up!

Greetings from the studio logischdenker.de


Bastian Wagner



good day

Indeed – the hofa IQ-Analyser is a very precisely working and fascinating tool.

After mixing a track and finally analysing it again, in most cases the IQ-Analyser leads to significant improvements.

I´m really very happy with it.

o. krebser


hello hofa,

I bought  the IQ-Analyser two days ago and am impressed! The analyser is a real enrichment!

dino pannozzo




I´d like to say you scored a big hit again!
The IQ-Analyser is just the tool that I’ve always wanted.
At the very first test he has unmasked one hihat, which did its mischief in the lower midrange ;-)
This will certainly be – together with the IQ-Eq –  my absolute standard tool.
Great! Thanks a lot for that!

Just one suggestion:
Would be a cool thing, if you deposited the exemplary frequency curves of individual instruments as reference curves.
(Hofa Training  PRO LE 8, chapter 5)
It would be of great help to me (and other students as well. I assume).

Many greetings and keep it up!

Peter Pauliks



Hello dear HOFA Team,
I would like to congratulate you once again for a successful new HOFA plugin.
After a few demo sessions I ordered the plugin now
What I really like is that the analyzer diplays the frequency curve according to a “pink noise-flat” curve.
I also like the energy curve and the loudness measurement a lot. “A mix may be loud, as long as it still sounds good.”

Greetings from Hessen

Michael Watzal 


Give us your feedback to the IQ-Analyser as well – we welcome every critique!