SYSTEM MasterLimiter

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    Precise true peak brickwall limiting

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    5 intelligent mastering algorithms

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    Easy one knob handling

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    Can be used as a standalone plugin and in HOFA SYSTEM

Download & Test
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Soft-sounding mode that blends all the elements of your production.

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Universal algorithm that preserves transients even at high loudness.


For the maximum loudness in your masterings.


Audible pumping for maximum loudness. Perfect for bassy music.


Using intelligent clipping for paramount loudness and top punch.


In the histogram you can see exactly how the limiter works. In addition to the input and output levels and the reduction, it also shows the loudness in LUFS over time.

Developed in the HOFA-Studios

The SYSTEM MasterLimiter has been tried and fine-tuned in countless blind tests. In these neutral listening sessions with reference competitors, we used test signals from a wide variety of genres. To be honest, it was no easy task to develop a superior limiter ;)

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