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    Comes with an abundance of impulse responses from the most sought-after reverbs and real locations

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    Room, ambience, chamber, hall, church, plate, spring

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    Simple and intuitive control with 3D display

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    Can be used as a standalone plugin and in HOFA SYSTEM

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Comprehensive Collection of Impulse Responses

The HOFA SYSTEM IR-Verb gives you 135 high-quality impulse responses from a wide variety of reverb units and real locations.

Additionally, you can use all IRs and expansion packs of our “reverb flagship” IQ-Series Reverb V2 if you own them.

You want to use your own impulse responses? It’ s easy – just drag and drop.


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Interactive 3D Visualization

The central 3D display shows you in detail the sound of the currently loaded impulse response, and you can see the effect of changing parameters in real time.

HOFA SYSTEM All Plugins Bundle

The SYSTEM All Plugins Bundle gives you access to the full versions of all SYSTEM plugins.

By combining the plugins, SYSTEM reveals another strength: modularity.

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