Welcome to the 10th XMAS MIX CONTEST!

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February 7, 2019: And the winners are …

After listening to 960 mixes and remixes, analysing and comparing them (in anonymized form of course!), it was finally decided: The jury selected the winners of the main prizes for the best mix and remix and also the awardees of the various special prizes.
But we would also like to thank all those who took part in this big contest and made it such a fine event – it won’t be the last XMAS MIX CONTEST!

Main Prize Best Mix:

Mikel Eceiza

This year’s winner is Mikel Eceiza from Oiartzun, Spain.

His mix convinced the jury with its professional overall-sound: very good EQing and dynamic control make for an "organic" and "non-technical" overall-sound. Another decisive element was the persuasive ambience – congratulations!

Mikel works as audio engineer and musician in a studio founded by himself and his brother Igor. After his bachelor's degree in recording arts he had the opportunity to work with various engineers, among them Bruce Swedien.

The mix was done in Pro Tools on their SSL Duality console. 

Main Prize Best Remix:

Dapo Torimiro

The winning remix this year comes from Dapo Torimiro (Studio City/USA).

His remix convinced the jury with its creative and highly musical approach, its consistent style and not least with the perfectly re-harmonized and played instrumental.

We congratulate!

Dapo is originally from Lagos, Nigeria, and currently lives and works in Los Angeles, California as a Music Producer, Musician, Songwriter, Engineer and Mixer. He has worked with artists like John Legend, Justin Bieber, Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder and many more.

The live instruments for the remix were all played by himself, from bass guitar to melodica ;-) He also used various drum libraries and did the mix in Logic Pro X with ADAM speakers.

Special Awards

The Special Prizes were sponsored by our partners ADAM Audio and Toontrack:


Błażej Domański

This prize goes to the winner of the combined online voting and jury results in the category Mix: Błażej Domański from Żabieniec/Poland.

Online ranking and the jury evaluation account for the prize in same parts.

Toontrack Superior Drummer 3

Dapo Torimiro

This prize goes to the winner of the combined online voting and jury results in the category Remix: Dapo Torimiro (Studio City/USA).

His remix convinced not only the jury but the online community as well and made first place in the online voting as well.

Toontrack EZdrummer 2 BUNDLE


The jury awards this prize to Jens Dreesen from Düsseldorf/Germany. His mix came in second and in our opinion deserved a reward for a its homogeneous overall-sound.

Toontrack EZkeys 2 BUNDLE

Ben Ammi Mohamed

The jury awards this prize for the best electronic remix to Ben Ammi Mohamed from Quebec/Canada. His remix convinces with a modern mixture of urban and EDM styles in a professional, radio-compatible sound.

CD duplication from HOFA-Media

Markus Kusche

This prize goes to Markus Kusche from Fürstenau (Germany) for his unique new-interpretation of the contest song with a convincing re-harmonisation and a “lively” sound.

50 € vouchers from HOFA

... go to the following participants for reaching the final round in the jury voting. Even though they did not win the Main Prize this is worth a reward!

ID 1081 – Dan Petric, Maramures, Romania
ID 2279 – Maxim Piz, Berlin, Germany
ID 1229 – Adam Kovacsics, Budapest, Hungary


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Finally the waiting’s over! For many, the Mixcontest by HOFA has become a part of Christmas just like snow and Christmas tree.  

For the tenth time, HOFA presents the contest– this time with a prize money of 2 x 1500 € for the best mix and the best remix of our contest song. In addition, there are Special Awards for outstanding mixes, donated by our supporters Toontrack and Adam Audio. The public voting is also considered for some of the Special Awards. So it definitely pays to get some likes :-)

100 mix-analyses are raffled from all uploaded songs. This analysis gives you a feedback to your mix and points out strenghts and weaknesses – that alone makes your work worthwhile!

This year’s song “Maryam” is written and produced by HOFA CEO Jochen Sachse and performed by vocalist Stefanie Lenk, the regular singer of Jochen Sachse’s project INI,

The following video is playing the mix by Jochen Sachse and gives fascinating impressions of the recordings and the production. This mix is supposed to be neither reference nor template, but may give a picture of Jochen’s idea of the song. He’s not in the jury, by the way :-)


“Maryam” is a modern pop-jazz song with a big-band arrangement – consisting of a brass section, upright bass, jazz guitar, Steinway Piano, a banjo-ukulele(!), Hammond organ and of course lead and backing vocals.

The recordings of the brass section, drums, bass and Steinway took place in the large recording room of the HOFA studios and are also provided with room microphones.

These ambience tracks add a natural depth and dimension to the song – this should be audible in your mix.

Like always, it’s allowed to trigger drums, to re-room, to master and to copy & paste or to leave out several elements.
For the sake of fairness it’s not allowed to add new tracks or to change the tempo or the structure of the song.

The jury is looking for harmonious sound characteristics with balanced levels that fits in the genre and a well defined spatial definition.


Your options for the remix are endless: be creative and use those tracks you want and add whatever you like. Nothing’s forbidden – but of course the song should still be recognisable :-)

The tempo of the song is 120 bpm, the tracks are on hand as 24 bit wav files in 44.1 kHz and 96 kHz.


Copy the folder with the tracks on your computer and do your best.  
Send us your mix as a stereo track (mastered or not-mastered)  – and maybe your work convinces the jury and you win the reward of 1500 € for the best mix or remix.
And if not, you have had a good time in your studio with christmassy music :-) – and with recordings in a more than day-to-day quality.


Closing date is January 21, 2019, 11:59 pm, CET

You can use this upload-link for sending your mix or remix to HOFA:

Upload mix / remix

DOWNLOAD the tracks (January 21, 2019, 11:59 pm, CET is closing date).

Please enter your email address and press "submit" in order to reveal the link to the download page.

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If you have any questions about this contest, you can reach us via telephone under 0049-(0)7251 3472-444 or email at plugins@hofa.de.

Enjoy the mix and good luck! Your HOFA Team