You can download the tracks for the MIX CONTEST here.
All tracks start at the same spot; you can place them at the start of the project in your DAW.
The tracks are on hand as 24 bit wav files in 44.1 and 96 kHz, the “zipped” folders have a volume of 1.17 GB or 556 MB.

Download Tracks 44,1 kHz Download Tracks 96 kHz

The tempo of the song is 130 bpm.

You should keep this tempo for the MIX. You also mustn’t add any additional tracks or change the structure of the song. You are allowed to leave tracks out of the mix and also to trigger, re-room, re-amp, master or do whatever improves the sound of the existing recording.
It’s all about your mixing skills!

In the REMIX you are bound to no limits: you are allowed to change the tempo or structure of the song and of course to add or leave out tracks.
It’s the creativity that counts – whereas the song should stay “radio compatible” (in a way :-) )

There is also a MIDI file that you can import into your project. It contains the harmonies and the melody of the contest song to spare you some work. A PDF provides you with the lyrics and the chords of the song.

Closing date is January 22, 2018

You can use the upload portal songcheck.hofa.de to send us your mix or remix.
It is also possible to listen to the uploads of the other participants.

Please keep in mind that we can only accept the last uploaded mix and/or remix for the evaluation.
Please control your mix carefully before the upload!

Enjoy the mix and good luck! Your HOFA Team

INI Wahrheit