33% discount on all HOFA plugins

HOFA-Plugins EDU

Does HOFA-Plugins grant EDU discounts?

If you have a valid verification, we grant an educational discount of 33% on all HOFA-Plugins products.

Who is eligible for education pricing?

  • pupils and students
  • teachers and lecturers
  • non-profit institutions and charitable organisations

Who can I contact if I have questions about EDU discounts?

You can reach our support team at the e-mail address plugins@hofa.de.
We will normally respond to your request by the next working day.

How long are my EDU account and my EDU licenses valid?

The validity depends on the duration of your verification. If the verification is not time limited, your HOFA EDU account is valid for one year.
The licenses you bought with EDU discount stay valid even after the account is closed. However, they are registered as NFR licenses and cannot be sold.

How do I get EDU discounts?

  1. To get EDU discounts you need a HOFA account.
    If you already have an account, you can fill out the EDU form directly in your account under “EDU”.

You don’t have a HOFA account yet?

  1. Fill in the EDU form here and send us your request.
    After a verification we will activate the EDU discounts for your account.