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Intelligent solutions for a better sound


Audio plugins with unique features that make mixing and mastering much easier.


We constantly keep our plugins up to date and don't replace them with new products - that's good for compatibilty and your wallet.


If you want to get results faster and have more fun while you're working, you came to the right place.


“Surgical tools with low CPU load, resizable GUI, zero latency and infinite combination possibilities.

Federico Ágreda Álvarez (alias DJ Zardonic)

Award-winning DJ and producer for NBC Sports Network, Superhot Team, Bullet For My Valentine

Norberto Islas

“I know quite a lot of great EQ plugins but the HOFA IQ-Series EQ is the best choice for me because of the precision and accurate sound …

Norberto Islas

Producer, Mixer and Recording Engineer from Mexico and Grammy Winner (3x Grammy, 3x Latin-Grammy)

IQ-Series EQ

Charlie Bauerfeind

“… in more than 20 years of working with DAWs and plugins, I’ve never encountered a limiter, that sounds so precise and transparent in the low end as the HOFA IQ-Limiter. A real “weapon”.

Karl “Charlie” Bauerfeind

Sound engineer and producer for bands such as Blind Guardian, Gamma Ray, Gotthard, HammerFall, Helloween, Motörhead, Rage, Saxon, Van Canto, Venom, Inlegend and many more

IQ-Series Limiter

Peter McCabe about HOFA-Plugins

Top engineer Peter McCabe about HOFA-Plugins

Peter McCabe at console

Peter McCabe worked as recording and mixing engineer on more than 100 Platinum & Gold recordings for artists such as Kiss, Puff Daddy, Ricky Martin and many more.

I just finished working on the “The Art of McCartney” record and HOFA tools really served me well on this project …

Peter McCabe, Los Angeles

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Peter McCabe at console

I discovered HOFA-Plugins when I switched over to Protools 11HDX. Many plugins I had used for ever had yet to port over to aax format. So the lack of familiar tools opened me up to find new ones.

I was intrigued when I found HOFA’s plugins and downloaded demos and wow I was very excited how they had designed these. I found them to be very intuitive and sonically up to my standards. The IQ-EQ with compression became an immediate favorite. The IQ-COMP really helps glue things together.

I just finished working on the “The Art of McCartney” record and HOFA tools really served me well on this project. I used the IQ-Reverb for certain sounds and I found the IQ-Analyser a great way to assess a track that was giving me some trouble.
I just started using the new IQ-Limiter and I have yet to find anything else that is so easy and sonically satisfying.

Peter McCabe, Los Angeles

Angus Davidson | Davidson Sound Design

IQ-Analyser | Angus Davidson

“This suite of plugins from HOFA have become my go-to tools for live sound.
On a recent tour which included this show at the Sydney Opera House with the Sydney Symphony, I used the IQ-Analyser V2 for all of my measurement, both for the live sound and in Pro Tools for the record.
It is flexible, fast and incredibly powerful. A standout plugin in a very crowded marketplace.”

Angus Davidson | Davidson Sound Design | Australia

Florian Sitzmann

Producer Florian Sitzmann on the HOFA IQ-EQ:

Florian Sitzmann


“… the sound is so convincing, it always puts a smile on my face!

Florian Sitzmann
Producer, songwriter and arranger for artists such as Nena, Xavier Naidoo, Allison Paige, Andru Donalds, Wallis Bird, Sarah Brightman and many more

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Florian Sitzmann

Since 1990, Florian Sitzmann is a successful producer, songwriter and arranger for both newcomers and established artists such as Nena, Sasha, Xavier Naidoo, Edo Zanki, André Heller, Die Söhne Mannheims, Allison Paige, Cae Gauntt, Andru Donalds, Nino de Angelo, Joris, Audiodamn, Mine, Johannes Falk, Wallis Bird, Christina Stürmer, Sarah Brightman and many more. In addition to gold and platin records, the musician was awarded with the “ECHO” and the “Radio Regenbogen Award”, both highly coveted German music awards.

Since 1988, he played piano, keyboards and cello in countless studio productions for various artists and producers and became of the most requested studio musicians in Germany. He has been a permanent member of the “Söhne Mannheims” since 1999.

He teaches at Popakademie Mannheim and explores the wide and fascinating field of popular music production with his students.

Whenever you’re in need of a dynamic EQ and not a multiband compressor, the IQ-EQ fills the gap that existed for so long. The fact that it’s doing this in such an ingenious and comprehensive way, that really everything was thought of and, on top of it all, that the sound is so convincing, it always puts a smile on my face! This digital EQ is a pleasure to use!

Florian Sitzmann, Sherwood Forest Recorders

Reader Award 2015 BEST PLUGIN: HOFA IQ-Limiter

Reader’s Choice Award 2015 BEST PLUGIN: HOFA IQ-Limiter


Thousands of audio magazine readers take part in the annual election of the best music equipment.


The prize was awarded on April 15 by Musikmesse Frankfurt and PPV Medien.

We are happy and proud to be the winner in the Audio Plugins category.

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HOFA Super Bundle


No compromises on sound

Get all(!) HOFA-Plugins products in the Super Bundle and save more than 650 €.

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Incredible Possibilites

Premium plugin suite with 29 high-end plugins that you can use separately or within the SYSTEM environment.

IQ-Series Analyser

The Best Analyser Out There

This indispensable tool for frequency and sound analysis defines the standards in terms of workflow, possibilities and precision.

IQ-Series DeEsser

Voice Recognition Makes All the Difference

The integrated voice recognition is able to control all kinds of sibilants (s, sh, ts, …) smoothly and effectively.

IQ-Series Limiter

Just Make It LOUD!

If you’re looking for the (mastering) limiter, that makes your productions as loud as possible, you’ve finally found it.

4U+ BlindTest

Compare Objectively. Finally.

Freeware tool that allows an objective comparison of equipment in your DAW.

HOFA 4U+ DynamicTiltEQ4U+ DynamicTiltEQ

The First Dynamic TiltEQ

Optimise the balancing of low and high frequencies with just one knob with this free plugin.

Optionally, you can unlock dynamics & analyser.

IQ-Series Comp

Colour Your Compression

This plugin offers different compression tones that are perfect for vocals, drums, bass and mastering.

IQ-Series EQ

Intelligent, Dynamic, Sexy

This dynamic EQ will simplify mixing and mastering…

IQ-Series Reverb

The First Vintage Convolution Reverb

The IQ-Series Reverb combines the most innovative convolution technology with the “retro” features of classic reverb processors from the golden age.


The All-in-one App for (Pre-)Mastering!

The ultimate tool for all mastering and pre-mastering tasks.

DDP Player Maker

Create DDP Players for Your Clients

Deliver secure DDP images and a DDP player to your clients

HOFA-Plugins News
  1. 28.01.20 | New Features in CD-Burn.DDP.Master PRO V2.5.4:
    Clip-Plugins & Cycle-Playback
  2. 16.12.19 | CD-Burn.DDP.Master PRO selected as "Editors Choice 2019" by professional audio magazine.
  3. 01.12.19 | WinterSpecial: 15% Off all Bundles!
  4. 29.11.19 | macOS Catalina: All HOFA Plugins have sucessfully been tested on macOS 10.15 with the DAWs that are already compatible. For DDP Player Maker an update (V2.5.1) is a vailable.
  5. 01.10.19 | HOFA CD-Burn.DDP.Master PRO OUT NOW!
  6. 29.01.19 | HOFA SYSTEM EQ-Dynamic received the grade "excellent" from professional audio magazine.
  7. 26.09.18 | Video: Secure your master with
    an encrypted DDP image!
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We re-recorded "Hey You" by Pink Floyd with modern equipment. HOFA CEO Jochen explains in this video how he reproduced the legendary sound in the DAW.

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