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28.02.2014 Release HOFA IQ-Comp V2 >> learn more        
28.02.2014 All about IQ-Comp V2 grace period >> learn more        

 HOFA-Plugins tools for professional audio production

  • If you're looking for convincing tools that lead you to your goal better, faster and with more fun, you are absolutely right here. With a variety of options and an intuitive handling our plugins soon become indispensable aides - wherever it's the professional result that matters.
  • Here you will find audio plugins with unique features. Features which we - as audio engineers -  had been looking for in vain for a long time and finally realized them with the best programmers in order to make mixing and mastering considerably easier.
  • These extraordinary plugins are developed directly in one of the biggest recording studios in Germany and they are the logical consequence of 25 years of experience with professional studio productions.
  • HOFA-Plugins - for magic moments in mixing and mastering


Review IQ-EQ:
There’s just so much this single plugin can do. Apart from needing reverbs (which they make and I will write a review for soon) and delays (maybe we can convince them to make an IQ-delay) you could mix and master entire projects with this single plugin and want for nothing. (...)
Since getting IQ-EQ, I’ve pretty much used it on every track that needs any frequency processing, (...) I hate overhyping anything but this is the most versatile EQ plugin I’ve used in a very long time.

Everything Recording Rating:  

Bryan Adams / Everything Recording        

User feedback IQ-Reverb:
IQ-Reverb extends beyond your normal reverb effect as HOFA approaches things from a different perspective, (...)
The results are stunning and for the first time, I find myself not listening to reverb but I can hear a recording transported into a different room.
The interface is amazingly clear and easy to understand. A huge array of parameters can be quickly adjusted and the results heard in real time. I’ve been waiting years for something like this.

Alex Bhinder / worked for Duran Duran, Kiss, Bad Company, Def Leppard       
Plasma Music Limited, Hemel Hempstead, UK       


HOFA-Plugins Manager
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With the HOFA-Plugins Manager downloading, installing, trial and licensing is really easy - for all HOFA Plugins.
Happy Room Acoustics
Perfect acoustics in your room makes you happy. Modules by HOFA make your acoustics perfect - at a price that makes you happy.
Recording, mixing and mastering in one of the largest recording studios in Germany.

Recording Studio in Germany? HOFA!

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