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Here you will find audio plugins with unique features that make mixing and mastering much easier.


We constantly keep our plugins up to date and don't replace them by new products - that's good for compatibilty and your purse.


If you're looking for convincing tools that lead you to your goal better, faster and with more fun, you are absolutely right here.

Florian Sitzmann

Producer Florian Sitzmann about HOFA IQ-EQ:

Florian Sitzmann


"... the sound is so convincing, always puts a smile on my face!"

Florian Sitzmann
Producer, songwriter and arranger for artists such as Nena, Xavier Naidoo, Allison Paige, Andru Donalds, Wallis Bird, Sarah Brightman and many more

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Reader Award 2015 BEST PLUGIN: HOFA IQ-Limiter

Reader Award 2015 BEST PLUGIN: HOFA IQ-Limiter


Thousands of audio-journal readers take part in the annual election of the best music equipment.

The prize was awarded on April 15 by Musikmesse Frankfurt and PPV Medien.

We are happy and proud to be the winner in the category Audio Plugins.

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Peter McCabe about HOFA-Plugins

Top engineer Peter McCabe about HOFA-Plugins

Peter McCabe at console

Peter McCabe worked as recording and mixing engineer on more than 100 Platinum & Gold recordings for artists such as Kiss, Puff Daddy, Ricky Martin and many more.

"I just finished working on “The Art of McCartney” record and HOFA tools really served me well on this project ..."

Peter McCabe, Los Angeles

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IQ-Analyser V2

IQ-Analyser perspektivisch


In countless studios all over the world, the IQ-Analyser has become an essential tool for spectrum and sound analysis.

With Version 2 it has grown even more powerful and sets standards in respect of workflow, possibilities and precision.

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HOFA DDP Player Maker

If you want to deliver DDP images to your clients that include a matching player software, DDP Player Maker is the perfect solution for you.

HOFA-Plugins DDP Player Maker

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HOFA-Plugins News
  1. SPECIAL | Buy the Super-Bundle now and get IQ-Analyser Standalone, IQ-DeEsser & 4U+ BlindTest FOR FREE! - go to specials >>
  2. 08.10.15 | All our plugins are fully compatible with OS X 10.11 (El Capitan).
  3. 24.09.15 | IQ-Analyser Standalone is released - test it now & buy at the introductory price >>
  4. 24.09.15 | IQ-Analyser Plugin Update V2.10 with many new features >>
  5. 19.08.15 | All our plugins are fully compatible with Windows 10. (tested on all DAWs that are officially compatible with Windows 10)
  6. 13.05.15 | Vocal Super-Compression - Video
  7. 12.05.15 | CD-Burn & DDP and Player Maker have learned writing Japanese
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HOFA IQ-Analyser V2 Standalone

NEW: The IQ-Analyser V2 Standalone version contains all IQ-Analyser (Plugin) functions as well as a complete new range of possibilities.

Buy now at the reduced introductory price and SAVE MONEY

  • Network functionality
  • Standalone Analyser (mac & pc)
  • Analysis of internal and external audio
  • Measuring Instrument for studios and live locations
    (frequency, loudness, stereo correlation)

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Just drag & drop your mastered tracks into the audio editor of CD-Burn & DDP. You can cut, copy, paste and move them, adjust levels, fades and crossfades as well as insert CD-Text, ISRC and EAN.

It's never been so easy to create perfect (master) CDs and DDP images.

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HOFA DeEsser

The upcoming HOFA IQ-DeEsser is using vocal detection to identify sibilance in vocal tracks and introduces new transparent algorithms to reduce sibilants.
Sounds great? ... coming soon!

Vocal Super Compression

HOFA CEO Jochen Sachse explains a new method for compression, wich is not only suitable for challenging vocal tracks.

Acoustics Advice & Planning

You've had enough of a bad sound because of unsatisfying acoustics?

We are pleased to offer you an individual planning for your rooms, which is absolutely free of charge.

HOFA Acoustics Advice

The HOFA Video Website is Online!

Moving pictures sometimes are worth a thousand words.
Especially for educational purposes, there is no better way than a well made video.

From now on, you will find information about audio engineering, plugins and acoustics on:



20 questions and answers

You can find the answers to 20 important questions concerning the technical background and the correct placement of acoustic elements on our website with the acoustics FAQ.

20 questions and answers

EDU-prices for HOFA-Plugins

As a participant in an educational institution you can purchase plugins and bundles by HOFA-Plugins with education discount (-33 %), simply send us your valid enrollment documentation.

more details

Now online

Free HOFA Acoustics Wizard

Now you can find support for your room's acoustic treatment in the new HOFA Acoustics Wizard.
The Wizard will calculate and visualize nearly realistic reverberation times and give you possible solutions for the optimization.

Acoustics Wizard