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Intelligent solutions for a better sound


Here you will find audio plugins with unique features that make mixing and mastering much easier.


We constantly keep our plugins up to date and don't replace them by new products - that's good for compatibilty and your purse.


If you're looking for convincing tools that lead you to your goal better, faster and with more fun, you are absolutely right here.

You think about getting yourself HOFA Plugins?

Super-Bundle only 544,90 € - later 584,90 €
IQ-Bundle only 429,90 € - later 479,90 €
CD- & DDP-Bundle only 159,90 € - later 167,90 €
IQ-Limiter only 119,90 € - later 129,90 €
IQ-Comp only 119,90 € - later 129,90 €
IQ-Analyser only 99,90 € - later 129,90 €
Player Maker only 59,90 € - later 69,90 €

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new! HOFA IQ-Limiter


If you’re looking for the (mastering) limiter, that simply makes maximally loud, you’ve finally found it.

All necessary settings are regulated by the elaborately programmed intelligent algorithms, adapting themselves to the incoming audio signal.


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This plugin does not only have the potential to replace all of your EQs and compressors, it also lifts your mixes and masters to a new level.


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HOFA-Plugins News
  1. 19.01.15 | new mailing: read here
  2. 17.01.15 | 3rd party video tutorial about HOFA IQ-Comp
  3. 19.12.14 | now available: IQ-Analyser V2
  4. 29.09.14 | now available! IQ-Limiter
  5. 02.07.14 | new product: IQ-Limiter
  6. 02.07.14 | new feature: ISRC Support in the CD & DDP product line
  7. 28.02.14 | release HOFA IQ-Comp V2 learn more
  8. 28.02.14 | all about IQ-Comp V2 grace period learn more
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Oliver Pinelli surely is one of the most successful German producers over the last years.

HOFA-Akustik optimized his new studio – including planning, measurements and the installation of the acoustic modules.

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In countless studios all over the world, the IQ-Analyser has become an essential tool for spectrum and sound analysis. With Version 2 it has grown even more powerful and sets standards in respect of workflow, possibilities and precision.

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Only for a short time - the HOFA-Akustik Winterset

Every room can benefit from the 8 highly effective acoustic modules in our Winterset - now and only for a limited time for special-offer conditions!




As a participant in an educational institution you can purchase plugins and bundles by HOFA-Plugins with education discount (-20%), simply send us your valid enrollment documentation.

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