1. 29.09.14 | now available! IQ-Limiter
  2. 19.09.14 | New mailing: read here
  3. 02.07.14 | New product: IQ-Limiter
  4. 02.07.14 | New feature: ISRC Support in the CD & DDP product line
  5. 28.02.14 | Release HOFA IQ-Comp V2  learn more
  6. 28.02.14 | All about IQ-Comp V2 grace period  learn more
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HOFA-Plugins tools for professional audio production

  • If you’re looking for convincing tools that lead you to your goal better, faster and with more fun, you are absolutely right here. With a variety of options and an intuitive handling our plugins soon become indispensable aides – wherever it’s the professional result that matters.
  • Here you will find audio plugins with unique features. Features which we – as audio engineers – had been looking for in vain for a long time and finally realized them with the best programmers in order to make mixing and mastering considerably easier.
  • These extraordinary plugins are developed directly in one of the biggest recording studios in Germany and they are the logical consequence of 25 years of experience with professional studio productions.
  • HOFA-Plugins – for magic moments in mixing and mastering


HOFA-Plugins Manager

With the HOFA-Plugins Manager downloading, installing, trial and licensing is really easy - for all HOFA Plugins.


HOFA-Akustik Family

Basstraps, diffusors, absorbers, & acoustic curtains by HOFA-Akustik make for perfect acoustics - at a surprisingly affordable price.



Recording, mixing and mastering in one of the largest recording studios in Germany.

Recording Studio in Germany? HOFA!


HOFA #BLOG Energie

Did you know?

HOFA generates all of its required electricity with solar panels on the roofs of its premises. Without any CO2 emissions – and this for many years.